Another Decade Down

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As of this past Wednesday, I’ve left my 20s behind to start the 10-year trek into my 30s. It’s that strange feeling I had when I turned 20 where I both feel and don’t feel older. However, I’m still relieved I was able to immigrate to the US before hitting this milestone. It’s a goal I’ve had in mind over the past few years and managing to accomplish it was a great feeling.

Going forward is going to be very strange, though. Now that I’m establishing myself in the US, it’s bizarre and exciting to think about the next 10 years of my life being here rather than in Canada. It still feels surreal that I’m here at all, let alone married to the man I met all those years ago. My immediate goals this year will be to hopefully soon receive my remaining green card documents and land a job before next January. I’m also excited for a convention trip we’ve planned in July, and while it might not happen this year, I’d like to try to go back to Canada for a visit as well.

Beyond this year, my next few goals will revolve around working towards getting citizenship and eventually a vehicle of my own to drive (not before most likely having to redo a driving test, though). But until all that happens, I’m just going to try to enjoy this decade I’ve moved into. Hopefully my 30s will turn out to be even better!