My Current Obsession: Thomas Sanders


I always feel weird mentioning a person compared to a TV show or movie when I do these, but in terms of content, I can’t get enough of Thomas Sanders lately. As I noted in my previous blog, I still blame my fiance for this. Because of my reintroduction to Thomas, I’m now subscribed to his YouTube channel and have watched the bulk of content on it. This also includes sifting through compilations of his old Vines, which is where the reintroduction part of this comes in. While I didn’t surf Vine when it was still around, I did have my Tumblr. Thanks to some of my friends, I discovered Thomas and a couple other Viners through them reblogging their Vines. I was drawn to Thomas pretty much right away because I found his Vines funny and often times creative.

That still remains true even now that he’s a YouTuber. I’ve gotten plenty of entertainment while marathoning his stuff and checking out other collaborations he’s done. But my favorite thing by far is easily the “Sanders Sides” vlogs. In them, Thomas discusses various problems, such as overcoming a bad audition or becoming a responsible adult, while interacting with the embodiment of his four key sides: Logic, Morality, Creativity and Anxiety. As the series goes on, these sides are fleshed out and even given names. I’ve already mentioned how I love alter egos and that extends to stuff like this as well. Plus, Thomas loves acting, and these videos in particular let that shine through extremely well. Having gone through his Vines, I also like the touch of each side (well, except Anxiety) being recognizable characters he portrayed in them.

But I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the man behind the content. From the way he interacts on camera with friends to behind the scenes with fans, Thomas is just a ball of energy and positivity. He reminds me of a puppy in human form and it’s heartwarming to see another YouTuber I follow who’s so humble and honored to make videos for his fans. He’s also eager to embrace anyone and everyone regardless of race, sexuality, and the like, and he’s even made me think twice about how I perceive people (in the first impressions sense). I would love to meet him one day (convention, maybe?) and I hope I can eventually make that happen.

Alright, I think I’ve gushed enough already. To sum up, I’m glad my fiance helped me rediscover Thomas and I’d proudly call myself a fan (or, in the case of his fanbase, a Fander). I know his content won’t be for everyone, but I would still recommend checking him out. Even if you just need to laugh or smile, his channel’s a safe bet.



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