“Spider-Man: Homecoming” Review


Well, this was a long time coming, but I finally got to see “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” Before I start the review, I want to mention that I haven’t liked a Spider-Man movie since Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 2.” I mostly hated the third movie and only bothered to watch “The Amazing Spider-Man” once (it was okay). So, I went into this movie with high hopes. Did it live up to my expectations? Let’s dive in and find out.

The plot kicks off during Peter’s stint in “Captain America: Civil War” and follows up with him two months later. Now under the supervision of Tony Stark’s pal Happy, Peter eagerly awaits another Avengers mission while solving mundane problems in New York City and dealing with high school. But when a new threat shows up in the form of Adrian Toomes aka the Vulture, who’s selling off weapons made from Chitauri tech, Peter takes it upon himself to stop him no matter what. Will he succeed and become a superhero worthy of the Avengers?

I really enjoyed this movie. The fact that the plot coincided around “Civil War” was a nice touch and it was a simple story to get into. I’m so glad they avoided doing yet another Spider-Man origin story in favor of just giving us an adventure. That said, I did have issues with the high school segments. They felt a bit cliched and tended to drag the movie for me. This also applies to Peter’s “romance” subplot, but thankfully it wasn’t too overdone and was put aside to focus on Peter growing into his superhero role. I also found it a little hard to believe that the Vulture and his crew of contractors were able to craft weapons from alien tech. It just seemed bizarre that these seemingly average guys were able to quickly understand and utilize this stuff.

I absolutely loved the performances here as well. Tom Holland continues to impress me as Peter and I adore how dorky this version is. He feels like the Peter I’ve been wanting to see for a while. Him being younger here makes his eager attitude and overconfidence not too obnoxious, and his Spider-Man was fun to watch. I also found myself liking his friend/sidekick Ned as the movie went on. I was slightly annoyed by him at first, but his role as Peter’s confidant quickly grew on me. And I just have to mention how good Michael Keaton was as the Vulture. He found the right balance between acting as an intimidating criminal and your average Joe. I liked how relatable he felt, though I didn’t feel quite as much sympathy for him as I did for Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock. Plus, compared to the laughable outfit from the comics, his costume here was awesome and almost frightening.

Since I’ve made a point to avoid late trailers for Marvel movies, I was a little worried about how often Tony Stark would appear in “Homecoming.” Don’t get me wrong, I love Robert Downey Jr. and Tony is my favorite Avenger, but I was afraid he might overshadow Tom’s performance. Thankfully, my fears were unfounded and I felt they involved him just enough. The fact that he was in a fatherly, mentor role just made it all the better and his scenes with Peter were some of my favorites. I was still perfectly fine with him having made Peter’s suit and once it’s potential is unlocked, it made the already fun action scenes even better.

Overall, aside from my complaints about the plot, I thought “Spider-Man: Homecoming” was really good. I haven’t seen “Spider-Man 2” in years, but I feel this movie is close if not on par to it for me. Both movies have interesting villains, with one being a tad more sympathetic (Doc Ock) and the other being a bit more relatable (Vulture). Both show two Peters on opposite ends of the scale, with one having more experience (Tobey) and the other still learning the ropes (Tom). Finally, both are part of an ongoing story, with “Spider-Man 2” being the second in a trilogy and “Homecoming” being part of the MCU. Ultimately, “Homecoming” is the best Spider-Man film I’ve seen since “Spider-Man 2,” and I can’t wait to see future MCU adventures with this Spider-Man.

A Hectic Weekend


So, last weekend was probably the busiest I’ve had in a long while, but most of it was worth it. Early on Friday, my aunt called to ask if I wanted a drive to the city to pick up my visa, which came in the day before. I went with her and one of other aunt’s to get it, though we ran into a bit of trouble once we got to the post office in the form of a kinda rude attendant. He and I didn’t realize my package had been sent as a Flex, so he disregarded my driver’s license thinking my visa wasn’t there yet. Thankfully, I knew better and had written down the delivery number, so I was given my visa/passport immediately afterwards. I also went to try on dresses (I’ve since bought one) and had to deal with a slightly obnoxious, pushy saleswoman in the process. But the main thing I’m happy about is that I have my visa at long last. It feels great knowing that I’ve secured my chance to be with my fiance.

On Saturday, my mom and I did our yearly summer tradition of visiting a nearby Buskers festival. Thanks to some overcast weather without rain, it was the perfect day for it. I had my usual tutti-fruitti snocone and gave some money here and there to the various acts. I got to revisit some returning acts (both from Australia) and also enjoy a new favorite in the form of Toronto’s Mighty Mike. He was a take on the classic strongmen and even had the outfit to match. He was funny, gave a few inspirational speeches, and could juggle three entire bowling balls and later two torches along with a 10-pound sledgehammer. I’m not sure if I’ll get to be back next year or when it may happen, but I’ll miss it. I’m hoping one day my fiance will get to experience it as well.

Finally, Sunday had me up bright and early to do my weekly cleaning job at a dentist’s office. I spent a total of five hours there with my mom only being able to help me quickly finish the job within the last hour. It was also the hottest day of the whole weekend, so I was quick to blast the air conditioning and dreaded when I had to eventually go outside. I then spent a good chunk of my evening at a family barbecue just up the road from our place. It was to celebrate the long-awaited visit of my cousin Brad, who my parents hadn’t seen in at least 30 years. You can imagine how weird it was for me considering he’d left home around the time I was born. Still, he was nice enough and my family thankfully didn’t drill me too much on my wedding plans. Plus, free hamburgers, hot dogs and dessert is always appreciated.

At this point, I’m still slowly working away at getting things done before I head to Miami in September. While most of those things are centered on my wedding, I still have my financial situation and other important stuff to sort out. I’m also hoping to visit the flea market next month for what will probably be the last time in a while. But until I get around to all those things, I’m just relieved to have reached what’s essentially the end of my visa process.

My Current Obsession: Thomas Sanders


I always feel weird mentioning a person compared to a TV show or movie when I do these, but in terms of content, I can’t get enough of Thomas Sanders lately. As I noted in my previous blog, I still blame my fiance for this. Because of my reintroduction to Thomas, I’m now subscribed to his YouTube channel and have watched the bulk of content on it. This also includes sifting through compilations of his old Vines, which is where the reintroduction part of this comes in. While I didn’t surf Vine when it was still around, I did have my Tumblr. Thanks to some of my friends, I discovered Thomas and a couple other Viners through them reblogging their Vines. I was drawn to Thomas pretty much right away because I found his Vines funny and often times creative.

That still remains true even now that he’s a YouTuber. I’ve gotten plenty of entertainment while marathoning his stuff and checking out other collaborations he’s done. But my favorite thing by far is easily the “Sanders Sides” vlogs. In them, Thomas discusses various problems, such as overcoming a bad audition or becoming a responsible adult, while interacting with the embodiment of his four key sides: Logic, Morality, Creativity and Anxiety. As the series goes on, these sides are fleshed out and even given names. I’ve already mentioned how I love alter egos and that extends to stuff like this as well. Plus, Thomas loves acting, and these videos in particular let that shine through extremely well. Having gone through his Vines, I also like the touch of each side (well, except Anxiety) being recognizable characters he portrayed in them.

But I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the man behind the content. From the way he interacts on camera with friends to behind the scenes with fans, Thomas is just a ball of energy and positivity. He reminds me of a puppy in human form and it’s heartwarming to see another YouTuber I follow who’s so humble and honored to make videos for his fans. He’s also eager to embrace anyone and everyone regardless of race, sexuality, and the like, and he’s even made me think twice about how I perceive people (in the first impressions sense). I would love to meet him one day (convention, maybe?) and I hope I can eventually make that happen.

Alright, I think I’ve gushed enough already. To sum up, I’m glad my fiance helped me rediscover Thomas and I’d proudly call myself a fan (or, in the case of his fanbase, a Fander). I know his content won’t be for everyone, but I would still recommend checking him out. Even if you just need to laugh or smile, his channel’s a safe bet.


We’ve Been Approved!


Whew, what a busy time it’s been! During my fiance’s week-long visit, we saw the rollercoaster that was the Season 10 finale of “Doctor Who,” happily and finally bought a Nintendo Switch, he got me further hooked on Thomas Sanders, and to top everything off, I’ve been approved to get my fiance visa! After so much waiting and worrying, I’ll be going to Florida to get married in September. Even though I’m currently waiting to get the visa itself, we’re excited to have made it through this entire process with ease.

The big day for my interview was on June 28th, and we flew up to Montreal the night before to give ourselves time to prepare. I was of the mindset that even if they didn’t look at all of our paperwork, I wanted to bring nearly everything just in case. So, with a large envelope full of documents, we made our way down a couple blocks to the consulate in the early morning. Once we got past the initial security and I was given a number, we were surprised to see many people in the waiting room high on the building’s 19th floor. On one side were people waiting to get family visas and passports, and on the other was people like me opting for visas via marriage, work or school.

When my number was called, my fiance and I brought up our documents to a clerk window. The clerk had her back to us as she was talking to someone else, so we kinda surprised her when she finally turned around. It was all in fun, and she immediately went to business asking us for specific things like my passport, birth certificate, and other such papers. She also had to electronically take my fingerprints, though it took me a couple tries for each hand to nail it. Not because it was hard, but because my hands were a little sweaty thanks to nerves and the waiting room being a bit warm. She was thankfully very patient, though, and we had no other problems before we were told to take a seat again.

This was the longest part of the entire ordeal, because we were stuck waiting as others were called for their interviews. We got a few chuckles when a couple of guys went up with who I assumed were their fiancees/spouses and had to trudge back to the waiting room instead. I knew ahead of time that my fiance wouldn’t be allowed to join me for my interview, so it was amusing to watch. Finally, an hour over my scheduled interview time of 9:30, I was called up. Even though I was confident in myself, I couldn’t help still being a tad nervous. Luckily, the young man who interviewed me made me feel comforted the moment he saw me. He was super nice and only asked a few simple questions about my fiance and our relationship. After a little while, he handed me a piece of paper welcoming me to the US and said my visa was approved. I surprised myself by NOT crying right then and there and thanked him. He explained when I’d expect my visa (in about a week and a half) and after I asked him a couple questions to clarify some details, I went back out to my fiance. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face when I went up to him and said, “We’re approved!”

It was an exciting morning and it only calmed down once we got back to our hotel and called/texted our parents to tell them the good news. Even after we flew back and met up with my mom, we were still eager to talk about it. It’s mind-blowing that we’ve finally reached this point, so much so that neither of us were remotely sad when my fiance left for Florida this past Monday. Now we just can’t wait to be married and start having the life we’ve wanted all this time.