Progress Report


I know I haven’t talked much about my ongoing visa process. Honestly, it’s because most of the time it’s been a waiting game. The government (both of them) can only move so fast with this stuff, and I know I’m not the only visa applicant out there. However, these past few months have had more progress than I, my fiancé, and even our lawyer have anticipated.

After my application was approved in early February, we waited throughout the rest of the month and all of March to find out the next step. At the start of this month, however, we were finally sent further instructions. We’re both now in the process of getting things together for the head consulate in Montreal so they can review our case. Once everything’s A-OK with that, I should then get instructions to make my medical and interview appointments.

That’s the step I’m looking forward to the most, even if it will be a bit nerve-wracking. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy we’ve made it this far and apparently in a fairly quick amount of time. But that next step will be the make or break point for me getting sent that visa card. I just want things to continue on this positive path we’ve made so I can get down to Florida and finally be with my man. I’m hoping we’ll have everything sorted out at least before my 30th birthday next year!

And despite some things feeling a bit slower because of us having a lawyer in the mix, I’m still satisfied with our decision to hire one. My fiancé and I both tend to worry about important things like this, and the last thing we wanted was to attempt this on our own and possibly end up making mistakes. I really don’t want to repeat this process if it can be helped, and I’m confident in both our relationship and our case that I’ll get approved by the end of all this. I’ll be making another update here in the future no matter what happens, but until then I’ll continue rambling about other aspects of my life.


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