Airport Safety

Well, the first week of 2017 is just about over, and it hasn’t been too bad so far for me. No drama, no stress, and I even made a minor accomplishment by completing a game given to me for Christmas. Unfortunately, while I haven’t followed the news to the letter this week, I did catch the tragedy that occurred at the Fort Lauderdale airport. My thoughts have been with the families affected by it, but I’ve also gotten to thinking about the fact that this shooting took place in a crowded airport in this day and age. I don’t like getting too political on here, but I’d like to share my brief two cents on an aspect of this story.

Even though I’m still a Canadian for now, I could go on and on about my stance on the state of gun control in the United States. But I’d rather focus on something that’s bothered me about airports for a while: the allowance of weapons. Sure, you have to declare if you have a gun or a knife or anything of the sort, and yes, you do have to have a locked case to even bring a gun on a plane. But why is this even allowed in the first place? Airports impose strict measures on the items people can and can’t bring. I can understand allowing someone on active duty bringing a gun on board, but having a background that allows you access to weapons is something that should be verified. It’s probably a financial thing, but I feel like more checks should be in place for anyone, regardless of background, looking to bring a weapon through an airport.

It boggles my mind that in an age where 9/11 changed so much in the way of security that stuff like this is still liable to happen. And for what? To allow people to keep their guns on them at all times? To let people no longer on active duty still carry weapons regardless of their capacity to handle one? I can tell you that this doesn’t just extend to the United States. If something like this had happened during one of my travels through Toronto, you can bet I’d still be questioning why our allowance for weapons in airports was ever in place. You could argue up and down that it depends on the individual and, perhaps, that the shooter in Fort Lauderdale had an agenda or just needed more psychological help than he’d received. But that won’t bring back the people who were killed. He still had a gun in a sealed case as per airport security guidelines. While he’s definitely at fault, it seems to me that airport mandates could use some more tweaking.


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