One More Canadian Christmas


It’s still hard to believe that this Christmas is shaping up to be the last one for me in Canada. By next year, I’ll be celebrating the holidays with my fiance and his family. There’s always the possibility that we could come see my family during this time in the future, weather permitting obviously, but it’s going to be a huge change for me. So, since I mentioned in my last blog how I’ll miss my family and friends not just because of Christmas but all year around, this week’s blog will be about the things I WILL miss about spending Christmas here.

For 2016 in particular, I’ll miss having my cat around and watching him hide beneath our Christmas tree. Aside from the Christmas of 2011, which I got to spend with my fiance in Florida, I’ve had my cat around me at this time since 2000. Now that he’s gone, it’s hard to think about how last Christmas really did end up being his last, and in relation our last with him. I still miss him like crazy, and this year’s Christmas just won’t be the same.

As for Christmas in general, I’ll miss our family traditions. My family never had many to begin with, but besides the last few years, we’ve almost always had a real Christmas tree. When I was younger, my sisters and I used to go out with our dad to cut one down in the woods behind our house. The house always smelled like pine, and no matter if the tree was real or fake, we’d all chip in to decorate it. I’m pretty sure that when I’m living in Florida, having a real tree won’t always be possible. In fact, it might be more of a nuisance than anything. But there’s something about a real Christmas tree coupled with the snowy landscapes we have up here that just feels right.

Speaking of snow, I mostly won’t miss it. One of the reasons I’m downright happy to be moving south is to get away from the freezing winds/temperatures, snow and ice. But that’s not to say that snow is all bad. It IS pretty to look at and always reminds me of the days when my sisters and I would make snowmen and snow forts, have snowball fights, go sledding and ice skating, and curl up afterwards with a nice cup of hot chocolate. We have had the occasional green Christmas, so having nothing but snow-less Christmases in Florida isn’t a big deal to me. Who knows? Maybe being away from it will make me appreciate it more.

But a lot of what I’ll miss centers around being with my family. Aside from 2011, I’ve spent every Christmas with my parents even after my sisters moved away. Being away from them next Christmas is going to be really weird, especially since we do so much together. We open presents together, we go to our family’s Christmas dinner together, we order Chinese on either Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve and ring in the new year together, and there are many other things like those. I’m excited to start my life with my fiance so we can finally spend Christmas together and maybe even have our own traditions, but I’ve gotten so accustomed to being with my family that it’ll take some getting used to.

Still, Christmas will always be my favorite holiday no matter who I’m spending it with. As much as I enjoy Halloween, I’ve always loved the sense of good cheer and traditions surrounding Christmas more. I’m sure I’ll cherish this Christmas more than any other, and I can’t wait to make some new Christmas memories with my fiance next December. So, from me to you, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Happy Hanukkah/Happy Kwanzaa!


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