A Time for Family


The Christmas season is here, and today I spent time with my Mom and aunt doing a baking party. What is a baking party? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Every year, my Mom and her sisters get together to do all their Christmas baking at once. They’ll share desserts, talk about anything and everything, and generally just spend time together. Up until this year, I never bothered to go because I saw it as a sisterly thing. But when my mom invited me this December, I felt compelled to say yes.

There are a couple reasons, but my main one is that I feel like I should spend whatever time I can with my family when the occasion arises. By next year (at some point), I’ll be leaving my country pretty much for good to marry and live with my fiancé in Florida. This means far less opportunities to see family, let alone spend time with them. Our little party today was supposed to consist of myself, my mom, and TWO of my aunts, but bad weather coupled with misplaced ingredients meant it was just the three of us and with very little actual baking planned to do. Still, we had a good time making snowball treats and peanut butter balls.

Does this mean I’ll be going to every little family thing from here until the time I move? Probably not. I hope to make even a little time with my friends and I’ve always liked having some quiet time to myself or at least with just my parents around. But I also know it won’t really hit me how many routine events I’ll be leaving behind until once I move away. It’s gonna be a weird adjustment, but I’ll still try my best to come back from time to time and see everyone. Until then, keeping in line with this cheery time of year, I’m gonna spend whatever time I can around the people I care about.


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