My Top 5 Favorite Pixar Shorts


There isn’t a year that goes by where I don’t watch a mainstream Disney or Pixar film (well, barring the “Planes” movies). I just love the works they’ve produced, even if some have been…less than stellar from time to time. But one thing I haven’t mentioned on this blog is how I feel about the shorts, namely Pixar’s (though I definitely have enjoyed Disney’s as well). So, I’ve decided to make a top 5 list dedicated to the shorts I enjoyed the most. While many of them are well-animated to begin with, these shorts are also ones that stuck with me for one reason or another.

However, before I start, there is one ground rule I applied to this list. I’m only looking at the original shorts, not those based on established Pixar films. So, shorts like “Burn-E”, “Jack-Jack Attack”, and “Riley’s First Date” won’t be seen here. With that said, here are my honorable mentions that didn’t quite make the list.

Honorable Mentions: 

Luxo Jr. (a classic, but ultimately more memorable as the company’s logo to me), Knick Knack (pretty funny and would easily place as #6), and Sanjay’s Super Team (a neat idea even if I’m not knowledgeable about Hindu culture).

And now, here are my top 5 favorite Pixar shorts!

5. La Luna


I’ll be honest – I mostly liked this one thanks to the gorgeous animation. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the little story of a boy spending time with both his dad and grandpa. But what really sold it for me was the concept of the three cleaning up stars in the night sky. It’s unique and kept me invested through its breezy run time. I’ve always loved nighttime mainly because of the stars and moon, so this short had me hooked on the visuals the second it started.

4. Piper


This short is just too cute, and that’s right up my alley. I’ve always loved baby animals, so following this little sandpiper as she goes about facing her fear of the ocean was a lot of fun. It’s a simple moral, but the execution of it made me care for this bird just as much as if it were a person. Of course, the visuals are a feast from the eyes, especially with this being the most recent short Pixar’s released. What else can I really say but that this short is adorable, funny at times, and presents a great message for kids.

3. Geri’s Game


Before I saw “Knick Knack” or even “Luxo Jr.”, I vividly remember this being my first ever Pixar short. Not only that, but it has stuck with me ever since. Why? Well, besides being goofy and fun, it was also really weird. The idea of a man playing against what appeared to be an evil twin isn’t all that surprising to me now, but as a kid, seeing him all alone by the end kinda blew my mind a little. It was so bizarre and cool at the same time. And, as the oldest short on this list, it still holds up to me. It may not be my favorite, but it will always be my first.

2. Day & Night


At first glance, the animation in this one probably doesn’t seem as spectacular compared to other shorts. But the beauty of it is that it combines 2D AND 3D animation, with the characters of Day and Night being 2D and the scenes in their bodies being 3D. That’s pretty cool on its own, but what I love the most about this short (aside from the humor itself) is how Day and Night interact with each other. Not just as characters, mind you, but also the scenes that play out in their bodies. I love the various ways they represent both times of the day, and the idea of discovering and adapting to the unknown is done well here. It’s just an insanely creative short, though there’s one short I still prefer more.

1. Presto


I love everything about this short. The humor is like something straight out of Looney Tunes, the pacing is spot-on, the bunny is nothing short of adorable, and the use of a magic show for the setting allows for some great visuals. While it doesn’t hurt that it precedes one of my favorite Pixar movies, “Wall-E”, this short is more than capable of standing on its own. It might not have an in-depth message to convey, but I don’t feel like it needs one. This short is pure slapstick through and through, and to this day it still never fails to entertain me. Even though I love all of the shorts on this list as well as most of the others, “Presto” is still my absolute favorite Pixar short.

And that’s my favorite Pixar shorts list! Feel free to agree, disagree, or list some of your own in the comments. Until next time!




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