Nerdy Goals


Now that I’m back in Canada once more, I could easily use this week’s blog to talk about all the preparation I have to do before I inevitably head back to the States next year to marry my fiance. Instead, though, I’d rather do something light and fun. For example, some of the more nerdy goals I’ve decided to set for myself.

Because Christmas is coming up soon and I tend to avoid spending nearly as much money around this season in general, I made most of my gaming purchases during my visit with my fiance. I bought a couple amiibos and a long-overdue NFC reader for our 3DSes and his Wii U, added three more Wii U games to our collection (shame the Nintendo Switch won’t be backwards compatible but what can you do?), and finally purchased “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice.” I’m actually in the middle of it right now, though I’ll no doubt have to set it aside or play it simultaneously with my other major game purchase: “Pokemon Sun.” I’m really excited for it and it should be delivered to my house tomorrow. I’m hoping I’ll beat both it and PW: SoJ before the end of the year. Aside from those two major titles, anything else I might end up picking up probably won’t be until next year, so at least I can save up in the meantime.

While I don’t have much I’m personally looking forward to movie-wise, I AM excited for Disney’s “Moana.” It looks cute and gorgeous and generally just a good time. I may also check out “Rogue One” when it comes out in December or possibly at a later time. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” got me enjoying that universe once more and I’m at least curious enough to give it a chance. And while I’ve seen pretty much everything I care to see from Netflix so far this year, I’m already looking into what will come out in early 2017. I still find I watch mainly internet shows/series and gaming videos far more than “real” TV, but who knows? Maybe I’ll also find some shows that, even if I can’t watch them on TV itself, I’ll at least keep in mind to check out later. However, I’ll still be tuning into the TV alongside my fiance to watch “Doctor Who” and “Orphan Black” like always.

These are only some of my short-term nerdy goals, but I also want to try to read more (as usual) and maybe even get around to some older shows/movies that I missed out on yet. While it might be tough to do so next year when I finally get to live and be with my fiance, I find it gives me something to look forward to in the meantime away from the usual work, chores and obligations I have (especially during the holidays). And hey, the year’s not over yet, so I might discover a few surprises or potential goals before it ends.


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