Taking the Bad with the Good

Well, the US presidential election is over and the one thing I didn’t want to happen ended up coming true: Donald Trump won the presidency. As someone who knows a few people who could easily be affected by his policies, I worry. I’ll get more into that in a bit. But as for myself and my goal to move to the States to be with my fiance, not so much. Considering we have paperwork about to be sent off once I leave next Monday, I’m confident our plans will still come to fruition.

Speaking of, things have progressed really well for us so far. We met up with an immigration lawyer before Halloween and followed up with her last week as well. She’s super nice and is well-versed in the whole visa process. Even better, she’s extremely confident that we’ll have little to no issues since I’m only coming in from Canada and have been in a long relationship so far. She was even surprised by the amount of photographic and written evidence we brought her to support it. Unfortunately, everything else from the time I leave is up in the air and basically step by step, but it feels so good to finally have it started. We’re expected to potentially get married in the next three to six months if things go well.

And that brings me back to Trump. I don’t know just how much influence he’ll have, especially given his lack of government and military knowledge, but as long as my plans remain secure I’m not worried about myself or my fiance. However, it’s the potential of what COULD happen that has me concerned for many of my US friends and acquaintances. So much progress has been made over the years, and if the Republicans decide to back-peddle on some of it, it could cause an uproar never before seen. We’ll see how his term affects both the US and other countries, but I’m hoping he’ll have someone backing him that knows how to make smart, safe decisions.

You can agree or disagree with me on politics, but at the end of the day, I still want to live and work in the US with my fiance by my side. So, hopefully by next year, I’ll be officially starting my life away from my parents and the small town I’ve always called home.


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