TFTD Marathon: “The Casavin Curse”


Welcome back to my “Tales from the Darkside” Marathon! The idea of evil curses comes in many forms. A common one often used is the idea of a curse that’s been passed down from generation to generation. Today’s tale is about a young woman burdened by her family’s curse. This is “The Casavin Curse.”

Gina Casavin’s wealthy family has been cursed for decades. Every man she’s fallen in love with ends up dead. Her most recent lover’s death now has her under investigation and has caught the eye of a psychiatrist, Dr. Jeffrey Webster, who thinks her curse is a delusion. To that end, Gina and her cousin, Nicholas, tell Jeffrey their curse originated thanks to a gypsy, but he refuses to accept it. Is Gina truly cursed, or is there more to the story that she isn’t telling?

I can safely say that this is one of the bloodiest episodes I’ve seen from this show yet. Thankfully, it didn’t feel out of place considering what the curse does. The story is mostly spent trying to figure out if Gina really is cursed or if foul play was involved, though I had a strong feeling throughout the episode which one was true. The dialogue was serviceable and the plot moved at a reasonable pace. One of the major gripes I had with the story overall was a one-sided incest subplot between Nicholas and Gina that, while serving as a plot point, just felt very gross and even gets rape-y for a moment.

Because of this, outside of learning about the Casavin’s heritage from him, I didn’t like Nicholas. Much of his characters hinges on his apparent interest for his cousin. Even before the blatant incest talk takes place, I could tell he was into her and just felt uncomfortable as a result. Gina was probably my favorite character in this, but her acting was a bit weak. I could say that for pretty much every actor here, to be honest. As for Jeffrey, while his intentions were good, he falls for Gina practically at first sight like he’s in a classic Disney movie and vice versus for her as well.

I would say this one has at least two twists, though the first wasn’t all that surprising to me aside from the execution of it. In that regard, it was a little lackluster. However, what I consider the second twist was actually pretty good. I didn’t expect it at all and thought it fit well. My only complaint about the ending is that the final shot they linger on is a bit awkward, but other than that it was at least interesting.

Overall, “The Casavin Curse” was decent. The stand-out stuff for me was the heaping of bloody violence showcased here and that twist ending. I also liked the apparent backstory for the curse. But the episode is a bit marred by some weak acting and some love subplots, one of them icky, that weren’t very well done. I’d say give this a watch only if either plot interests you or you just want to see a bloodier episode from this show.


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