TFTD Marathon: “Mookie and Pookie”


Welcome back to my “Tales from the Darkside” Marathon! Computers have become a major staple in everyday life. It’s amazing how far they’ve come on a technical level. Today’s tale revolves around computers back when they’re weren’t nearly as advanced. This is “Mookie and Pookie.”

Kevin and Susan are fraternal twins who have split opinions on computers. Kevin (nicknamed “Mookie”) loves them because he’s interested in their inner workings, while Susan (nicknamed “Pookie”) hates them because she find them confusing. Before Kevin tragically passes away, he encourages Susan to continue working on a program he was creating. She then spends most of the summer working on it, and after receiving a voice synthesizer in the mail, Susan begins to believe that Kevin wants to communicate with her through the computer, much to the dismay of her parents. Her dad even decides he should sell the computer despite her protests. Is Susan right in her beliefs, or has she gone a little off the deep end?

I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I honestly thought that the premise was interesting, but the execution would let it down. But even though this story didn’t end up being remotely scary, it was a clear example of taking a simple idea and just rolling with it. Aside from a couple clunky lines, the dialogue was pretty good. The only thing I found a little weird with the execution was a lack of explanation for how the program was so advanced, or at least how Kevin knew just how to create it. But honestly, that’s a minor nitpick from me.

One thing I liked about the all the characters was that they felt and mostly spoke like normal people. It made the story come off more believable as a result. Both the mom and dad were portrayed well, and the story has the mom come around to Susan’s way of thinking while the dad was against the whole idea. It made for a good source of conflict. Susan and Kevin (I REFUSE to call them Mookie and Pookie because stupid names are stupid) were also done well. We don’t get much time with Kevin before he dies, but I got a glimpse of his relationship to Susan that I liked. Maybe it helps that I grew up with twin sisters, but I believed in that short time that they were close as siblings. Susan is pretty good throughout the story, and you do believe at some points that she might just be obsessing over the computer situation.

The ending doesn’t really contain a twist from what I could tell. Honestly, the whole story was straightforward, so I didn’t mind that. I did like the ending, even if it did get a little sappy here and there.

I didn’t know what to expect from “Mookie and Pookie”, especially with such a dumb-sounding title, but I liked it. The characters felt realistic, the plot was streamlined and to the point, and the computer premise, while not wholly original, was still interesting. Even if the computer idea was the only thing that really made this a “Darkside” episode, it was still a fun little tale.


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