Summer Blues


Don’t let the title fool you. I love summer. I’d easily say it’s my favorite of the seasons and I’d rather find ways to cool down in the hot weather than stay warm in the winter. But summer is nearing its end, or at least it always feels like it is when September creeps up. It doesn’t help that Canadian weather is always all over the place, especially  here on the east end of the country.

The thing I always find strange about summer ending, now that I don’t have school to worry about anymore, is what it means for the year overall. Sooner than later, 2016 will be over and we’ll be celebrating the jump into 2017. That’s always so weird to think about and it makes me wish all the more for the summer to stay around a bit longer. The year so far hasn’t been that good, especially for me on a personal level, but I still have things I want to accomplish before it ends. The end of summer makes me feel like time is slipping away from me, even though I have more plans in store (a certain Florida trip, for example).

And as I mentioned, the weather is another big factor in that. Sure, autumn around here is nice to look at with the ever-changing leaves, and the cooler temperatures can be a godsend after a hot summer. But then I’m immediately reminded that winter’s around the corner. While I like SOME things about winter, there are plenty of reasons for me to want to put it off: freezing weather, possible power outages, eventually finding a more full-time job, etc. That’s not to mention how our winters in particular have the tendency to stick around through part of spring, making it feel like most of the year is spent dealing with ice and snow. Maybe that’s another reason why the years always seem to fly by so fast.

Summer (at least this one) makes me feel like I can just kick back and relax without hardly any care in the world. It may be hot, but I can cool down with some treats, have barbecues with my family, and go on water slides with my fiance. It’s a time to have some much-needed fun, even when I have had the pressures of a job other years. And now, as August soon draws to a close, I can’t help thinking about how quick it seemed to fly by. It feels like I think that around this time every year, though. Well, at least I can say it was fun while it lasted, especially compared to the first few months of this year.


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