A Flea Market Revisit

Well, this weekend marks our annual giant flea market and I was fortunate to go last night with my dad. We walked the whole thing barring a couple rows and came away with very few purchases. My dad picked up a brand spankin’ new pair of sneakers for himself and some nice earrings for my mom, while I managed to land a $65 bargain of “Donkey Konga” and “Donkey Konga 2” for the Gamecube along with TWO sets of DK Bongos. Not a bad deal at all for something I used to rent back in the day.

We did our usual thing once we paid the $10 needed to get inside (yes, paying money to go and pay more money) – make a beeline for the food trucks nearby. Our curly fries weren’t as well done this time around, but they were as tasty as ever. Top them off with a couple burgers and it made for a pretty good if junky dinner. Then, for the last 2+ hours that the market was open for, we browsed. A lot. Every year seems to yield the same things over and over, though. We saw stands with auto/tool parts, craft items (some of them for Christmas), random junk people had lying around their house or may have bought at yard sales, gaming and movie tables, etc. I’m still a little sad I came away with hardly anything in the grand scheme of things, if only because this year I had a plan.

That’s right, a plan. See, normally I’d just try to find anything and everything that would interest me. While that was still the case this year, I also made a plan to search for specific things. These included retro games (which were all crazy expensive), “The Simpsons” on DVD (couldn’t find the season my fiance and I are now at), and tabletop games that my fiance and I might like to play with our friends (no luck there). It’s always a long shot trying to find specific stuff at such a large venue, but I was hopeful. My dad even hoped to find a couple movies that we owned but have since gone missing, only to come up empty-handed by the end of the day. It’s a shame my plan didn’t pan out as much as I’d hoped, but luckily I’ll be going back for a brief visit tomorrow to grab one or two things I missed out on, like my usual flavored cotton candy (mmm…). I’m planning now to save my shopping money for later tomorrow, when my mom and I will be traveling to a city further away to browse the mall and maybe see a movie.

So, this year’s flea market visit wasn’t totally a bust, but I’m hoping I’ll find more next year. Luckily, there are plenty of people who set up shop year after year now, to the point that I consider them regulars. They tend to be around the same area in the park as well, so at least they’re easy to find. I still had a great time, and now I’m just hoping that our Hot Air Balloon Fiesta will pan out just as well.


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