My Top 10 Least Favorite Pokemon Designs

With all the new info being released on “Pokemon Sun/Moon,” I’ve been more excited than ever for the games to come out already. To capitalize on that, I’ve decided to make a list I’ve been putting off of my top 10 least favorite Pokemon designs. Now, since this is the Internet, I want to stress that this list isn’t based on the Pokemon’s moves, stats, popularity (or lack of), etc. This is strictly going by looks (yeah, I know, shallow) and are my personal choices. If you have your own, feel free to comment.

Before we get into the list, though, I made a couple ground rules. The first rule is that I’m not listing any of the new Gen 7 Pokemon that have been shown off so far. Since they’re not all out yet and aren’t even available to catch, I figure it’d only be fair to focus on Gens 1-6 for now. The second rule is that I’m allowing myself to have ties. For example, several entries involve a Pokemon and its evolution. I’ll be including both under one number and explaining why I dislike them (this is usually because of similar reasons). I only bring this rule up because there are quite a few instances of these I found while making this list where I just couldn’t pick one over the other.

But without further delay, let’s get this thing started! Here are my top 10 least favorite Pokemon designs.

10. Tornadus/Thundurus/Landorus (Genie Forms)

genie 'mons

Of all the legendary trios that exist so far, these three are my least favorite. I like genies and I wanted so badly to like these guys, but I can’t stand how they look. Maybe it’s the faces, maybe it’s the tails, but they just bug me. Their animal-like Therian forms are slightly more appealing to me and at least look interesting enough to keep them this low on the list. I even have the trio in their Therian forms in my copy of X because I prefer them that way. All I can say is that I’m glad Hoopa came along to make a genie Pokemon that appeals to me, ’cause these guys sure don’t.

9. Vanillish & Vanilluxe

vanillish & vanilluxe.png

When it comes to Pokemon who constantly get made fun of, the Vanillite line are usually near the top. So why are they so low on my list? Well, honestly, I’ve kinda softened on my dislike of them over the years. I came into Gen 5 late and initially shared the same opinion on them being stupid-looking. This is coming from someone who loves ice cream and wouldn’t normally have been opposed to the idea of a Pokemon themed after one. But the execution left something to be desired and I still can’t stand their derpy faces. Oddly enough, the pre-evolution, Vanillite, has grown on me if only for being like a chibi ice cream cone.

8. Jynx


Yes, we’re going all the way back to Gen 1 for this entry.  I always was weirded out by how Jynx looked. I could tolerate the simplicity of Voltorb or the slight creepiness of Mr. Mime, but Jynx never once appealed to me both in the games and the anime. It didn’t occur to me back in the day that the original black-skinned Jynx could come off racist, but in hindsight, the uncomfortable connotations and uncanny valley of it may be why I avoided this one at all costs. Even with the change to a purple skin tone, Jynx still remains one of my least-liked Gen 1 Pokemon.

7. Probopass


This thing is just ridiculous and kinda stupid. I wasn’t a huge fan of Nosepass to begin with, but I could at least get behind the idea of it being based off those Easter Island statues. Probopass, on the other hand, looks like someone blew an Easter Island statue completely out of proportion and added a “hat” and fluffy mustache for kicks. It’s the mustache in particular that makes me just not take this thing seriously. Seeing this thing actually made me appreciate Nosepass a bit more, if only because it looks way less dumb in comparison.

6. Gulpin & Swalot

gulpin & swalot

Sure, these are simple designs and they don’t look very interesting, but the one thing that always bothered me about Gulpin and Swalot is the duck lips. It’s that one feature alone that makes me want to punch these things in the face. The ONE time I’ve liked duck lips on anything has been with Amethyst from “Steven Universe” and I still had to adjust to/get over that when I first started watching the show. It might come off as petty to include these two this high on the list for just having duck lips, but it’s such a blatant feature on them that I can’t overlook it.

5. Armaldo & Rampardos

armaldo & rampardos.jpg

Yes, I know these two aren’t part of the same evolution line, but out of all the fossil Pokemon to date, they’re my least favorite design-wise. I like Armaldo’s pre-evolution, Anorith, but Armaldo’s overall design isn’t anything special. The thing that bothers me about it the most is the eyes. I can’t stand the placement and look of them. I also find it weird that his arms seem to come out of holes much bigger than the arms themselves. I’m just not a fan of this fossil ‘mon at all. Rampardos on the other hand, doesn’t bother me quite as much. I like its pre-evolution, Cranidos, and Rampardos, while looking hunchbacked, isn’t as off-putting to me as Armaldo. However, what kills it for me is his head. That weird, blue bump is one thing, but I also find it annoying how his head looks like it’s been partly sliced off into a flat top. What seemed like a potentially cool fossil Pokemon now just comes off looking ridiculous. There are other fossils I’m not fond of, but these two definitely take the cake.

4. Stunfisk


This is another Pokemon I’ve seen on several least-liked lists, and it’s no exception here. I know it’s based off a real creature, but the pancake design, derpy eyes and bland colors just don’t do it for me. I haven’t come across anyone who outright likes this thing’s design and no matter how good it might be in battle, I’m sorry to say I have to agree. This is one ugly fish, and when you’re beating out things like Magikarp and Feebas for that title, you know your design is unappealing.

3. Magmar & Magmortar

magmar & magmortar

And this is another Gen 1 Pokemon that I can’t stand. While I know many people love Magmar and it’s Gen 4 evolution, Magmortar, I think they’re both hideous. I can’t stand Magmar’s bumpy forehead, pursed duck beak, and tail that looks like it tried to copy a Charizard. I can’t stand Magmortar’s odd choice of pink in its color scheme, weird cannon arms, and dopey-looking face. The only saving grace in this line for me is Magby, and even it isn’t my favorite of the baby Pokemon out there. I’ve disliked Magmar the moment I saw it and that remained just as true for Magmortar.

2. Binacle & Barbaracle

binacle & barbaracle

Ugh, these two. When Game Freak started revealing many of the new Pokemon found in “Pokemon X/Y,” the only one I had an immediate dislike for design-wise was Binacle and later its evolution, Barbaracle. I know they’re supposed to be based off a type of barnacle, but they’re so bizarre that I just couldn’t get behind them. Binacle is very plain aside from the two creepy hands sticking up out of it, and Barbaracle… What even is that thing? It looks like a kid glued a bunch of fake hands with googly eyes onto a rock. Plus, it’s head is another hand. I can’t decide if that’s lazy or some strange attempt at making it alien-like. Well, either way, it still remains one of my least favorite of the Gen 6 Pokemon.

1. Garbodor


And at number one, we’ve reached the cream of the crap of Pokemon designs with Garbodor. This is yet another Pokemon I’ve seen on least-liked lists and I consider it quite possibly my least favorite Pokemon in existence. I even like its pre-evolution, Trubbish, ahead of this abomination. Setting aside that it came from Gen 5, which had a region based off New York and thus Pokemon themed for it, this is one of those inanimate object Pokemon that really didn’t need to exist. It’s supposed to be a pile of garbage, which is bad enough, but of WHAT garbage exactly? It just looks like a broken garbage bag over brown goop with pink and blue bits of…candy? Oh, and something like pipes or gas pump nozzles for fingers. This Pokemon is just a mess from top to bottom. I hate everything about its design (among other things) so much that I called my living Pokedex Garbodor “The WORST.” For that reason, it gets the number one spot for my least favorite Pokemon design.

And there you have it! Again, if you have different choices or just want to comment on mine, feel free to say so below. Until next time!


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