Life Update Part 2!

Well, as you can see, my time spent with my fiance resulted in me not bothering to blog. But since he went home yesterday and I’m now having a lazy Sunday, I figured I should talk about a few things.

The first is that, as usual, the trip went great. While I didn’t have anything extravagant planned for us to do, we did see the new “Ghostbusters” at the drive-in (our reactions were a resounding “eh, it’s okay.”) and did some shopping in the city (more him than me). We got to have a new experience in the form of the Magic Mountain water park, and even though it was a busy Sunday afternoon, we had a good time going down water slides and trying out their elephant ear-like pastry called a Beaver Tail. We marathoned all the Marvel movies excluding “Civil War” thanks to some technical difficulties, though neither of us were too upset since we’d both just seen it when it came out this year. We also marathoned the 9th season of “The Simpsons” and realized that it’s a bit of a mixed bag, both with me being a veteran watcher and him being a newbie. All in all, we just enjoyed each other’s company as much as we could.

During this time, I was also forced to basically accept that my cat, Scamper, is well and truly gone. Even though we still haven’t found him, I had always assumed he wouldn’t come back. We live in an area that lately has been teeming with coyotes and apparently even a black bear, not to mention that the woods around our property stretches for miles on end. Anything could have happened to him. It still makes me sad that I can’t see how the rest of his life might have played out, and I miss his presence. My parents seem to be slowly accepting it as well, going so far as to store away his food dish and litter box. I know he lived a good, long 17 years, but I miss the little guy more than anything.

On the bright side of the dark side, even though yesterday was a little sad with my fiance leaving to head back to Florida, I ended up already booking my flights for my next visit with him. I’ll be coming down around mid-October and leaving around mid-November, so we’ll get to celebrate the Halloween festivities together AND I’ll still get at least one Thanksgiving Day meal (mmm, pumpkin pie!). Even better, the first weekend I get with him will be spent with us having fun in Disney World at the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom parks, along with a little shopping on the side. It’s been six long years since the very first time I visited Disney and I can’t wait to go back. My one goal this time is to try their Dole Whip dessert as I’ve heard nothing but good things about it and I can’t resist trying something that isn’t really available anywhere else. It’s sure to be a fun trip overall, but it’ll be great to start things off with a bang.

Well, that’s my life up to this point. In a couple weeks, I plan to go with my dad to our town’s annual Flea Market and hopefully find lots of goodies for myself and my fiance. I always look forward to being there every year. I also hope to attend our Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in September, so long as the balloons actually GO up and don’t stay grounded due to weather. Either way, I’ll have a few fun things to do in the meantime before my trip kicks off. Until next week!


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