Life Update!

Well, this week has been a bit hectic so far and I won’t be slowing down too much by the time my fiance arrives for his 3-week stay next Monday. I’m super excited because it’s been a couple years since his last visit and, while I don’t have a crazy amount of stuff planned, what stuff we WILL do is sure to make for a nice vacation.

But, before we get into some good news, I’ve got some bad news to share. As of Monday evening, my 17-year-old cat, Scamper, has gone missing. My parents and I have searched our property and started asking around, but he hasn’t turned up yet. It worries us mainly because, at his age, he doesn’t get around as easily as he used to and has never been away from home nearly this long. I’m hopeful we’ll find him or he’ll turn up, but it’s put a heavy damper on an otherwise good week so far.

Now, speaking of that good week, I spent yesterday in the city with my mom watching the annual Buskers on the Boardwalk Festival. It was pretty good, with this year’s being the first time they’ve run the festival prior to the weekend. Unfortunately, that meant many of the acts either weren’t there yet or just weren’t performing that day, so we had a lot more time on our hands between shows. Still, I got my now-traditional Tutti Frutti-flavored snocone and the acts we did see put on some entertaining shows.

Another plus is, fingers crossed, my Internet connection seems to have gone back to being stable since last week. I’m hoping it was less to do with our modem and more to do with either the lines or something on our service provider’s end. I did hear from my uncle that he’d experienced similar problems, so I guess it wasn’t just us after all. I’m just happy it seems to have sorted itself out before I start spending quality time with my man.

Finally, something I failed to blog about a year or two ago was that I, for the first time in my life, 100% completed the Pokedex in “Pokemon X” It was an arduous task of constantly trading, evolving and breeding Pokemon, but with Japan’s release of Volcanion and me managing to snag one, I can definitely say it was a worthwhile achievement. However, I toiled on and off with the idea of making a LIVE Pokedex (having physically one of every Pokemon and their evolutions), but I’d decided against it because of the amount of work it involved and a lack of interest. Well, thanks to the Sun/Moon information that’s got me pumped to play a brand new Pokemon game again, I decided the time was now. And ladies and gentlemen, as of tonight, I can officially say that I have a 100% complete LIVE Pokedex in “Pokemon X”!


I’m so relieved and proud of myself for giving it a shot. I’m hoping to do what most people will probably do and transfer my ‘dex over to Sun/Moon. Not so much to help complete the ‘dex there, but so I can continue with it by catching all the new Pokemon. Sure, I had a lot of time on my hands to pull this off, but I feel like I accomplished a big project and now I can just sit back and enjoy it for what it is. Then I plan to never, ever do something this extensive for a video game EVER again. Anyway, I can’t promise regular blogs in the next three weeks, but I’ll still try to get one a week out as usual. See you all then!


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