Life’s Little Annoyances

You know, people would gladly say I spend way too much time on the Internet, no doubt a product of me only working once a week at the moment. In recent weeks, I’ve been having an old past-time of Internet-users everywhere: a buggy connection. The culprit seems to be the overwhelming heat we’ve had lately coupled with me being online quite often. It’s been mostly aggravating trying to jump-start my modem day after day, even if I DO give it breaks to cool down and such. But oddly enough, I’ve found it mainly annoys me because it interrupts time talking with my fiance/friends and less to do with anything else.

Oh, sure, I use my computer as both that and a TV, so trying to watch shows or even movies while dealing with my recent connection woes has been a chore. And yet, I’ve found that the majority of stuff I watch and do online can be done in only a few hours tops. It’s weird because I thought I had more than that, but I realize it’s because I’ve made a routine for myself. Yes, even on the Internet, I have a routine. At least, with the websites I view. My day online usually starts the same: check my email, check Facebook for messages/birthdays, check sites like Cracked and YouTube (while going back to YT periodically for web shows), etc etc. Aside from the times I DO step out of this routine, like to try out a new show or watch a movie, my main reason for popping on is so that I don’t have to resort to talking with my fiance on the phone. After all, long distance still sucks no matter how long of a relationship you’re in, so having Skype around to see him AND talk is a godsend.

I guess I’m happy in a way that I’m not as Internet crazy as I thought I was (even if it still is one of my main hobbies aside from video games/reading). Does this revelation help me cope with a finicky modem? Yes and no.While it’s nice to know that I could limit my Internet time, I still like using that time to spend with my fiance before I see him in person in under two weeks. It’s never fun when most days you feel like you’re spending more time fighting to get and keep your modem working than chatting with your partner. But I’ve made plans to take a break now and then with it to see if that helps my connection. I’m just looking forward to my fiance being here so we can free up my Internet by using a hotel’s instead.



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