The Spook Factor Returns!

So, back in November, I wrote an update blog that mentioned a web show starring my fiance and edited by myself called “The Spook Factor.” What I’ve neglected to do since then is actually post the “true” episodes of it. Only two have been made so far thanks to personal, real life matters getting in the way, but I’m proud of what we’ve started.

The first episode is a mini-review on the Disney short “Runaway Brain.” This one was relatively easy to edit barring one little thing: YouTube. Since YouTube is a stickler for copyright and such, the safest way to upload a review with clips is to keep each one around 10 seconds long or less. This wasn’t TOO challenging as my fiance tends focus on specific points of a work, and “Runaway Brain” was no exception. It’s pretty easy to cut lengthy videos up into tiny pieces, so it was a short but breezy start back into editing for me.

The second episode is one that was just uploaded today after I managed to finish it in only about 3-4 days. My fiance and I both enjoy Top __ lists, and we’ve made some in the past. Capitalizing on our show’s theme of horror for kids, he went nostalgic and made a list of the “Top 13 Creepy Kid’s Show Intros.” Keep in mind that these are HIS favorites, rather than being based on the most popular or generally well-loved ones. While I enjoy making these lists for the variety of works I get to cover, they’re also a HUGE pain to make. I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to timing my edits, so these lists often test my skills and patience. I was more than happy to have it done last night. However, I’m also extremely pleased with how it came together, even if that friggin’ “Too Many Cooks” song keeps getting stuck in my head.

I should note that for both this show and a previous one we made when the YouTube counterpart Blip was still around, I’ve used the most basic editing software there is: Windows Movie Maker. Yes, I know, it sucks and I’ve pushed it to its limits many, many times. Until I get better software (and no doubt a better computer as well), I’m happy with what I’ve been able to accomplish with it. If you choose to watch these episodes, I hope you enjoy. Until next time!


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