Opinions and Manners

Okay, despite my college background in studying journalism, I’ve made the point of avoiding talking about news on this blog. A big reason for that is that much of it can get very political, be it actual politics or controversial issues. Let’s face it, while I have opinions on most things like any other average person, I started this blog as a creative/fun outlet. It’s often my escape from the real world, whether I’m reviewing a piece of entertainment like a game or movie, or just venting my frustrations on a personal issue. But with that all said, sometimes I’m not opposed to tackling something that’s at least Internet newsworthy.

In this case, that would be this video that’s blown up on YouTube. In case you choose not to watch it, here’s the lowdown: A woman verbally accosts a man at Walmart (who is with his children, FYI) about the fact that he’s using food stamps. Despite his protests for her to leave him be, she continues this until they’re both arguing in front of his children, with the woman even going so far as to question his political beliefs in the process. Now, I realize food stamps are a touchy subject for some people, but I’m not writing this to delve into whether being on food stamps is good or bad. No, what really irks me about this story is how freaking RUDE this woman acted.

There’s a big difference between exercising your right to free speech and abusing it. If these two were at a debate about being for or against food stamps, these insults (while still rude) wouldn’t have seemed out of place. But to force your opinion on someone who is just going about their day, with their KIDS mind you, is ignorant and disrespectful. Regardless of the food stamp context, I’m completely on this guy’s side. You shouldn’t HAVE to put up with someone getting in your face when all you want to do is a simple task like buying groceries. My fiance even had a similar case of a douche-y run-in today at the grocery store, where a woman questioned him buying tons of food for himself, his mother and his grandmother (aka one household). She did so in such a tactless way that I can only imagine how I would’ve reacted if I’d been there with him or even in his shoes. I can tell you this much: I don’t get full-on angry often, but hearing his story made me feel like I definitely wouldn’t have come across to her as the generally polite Canadian I am (yep, still filling that stereotype and proud of it).

I just seriously can’t tolerate people who feel the need to make themselves heard without trying to take a tactful approach. It makes me wonder sometimes if even the idea of being mannerly is falling by the wayside. If anything, I have even more respect for people who make the conscious effort not to act the way this woman did, especially in public. I can only hope I don’t run into anyone like this myself some day.


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