10 Years Ago…


Well, the inevitable has happened. Today, I was added to a Facebook group with my fellow high school grads to throw around ideas for our 10 year reunion. I honestly don’t know or care if I’ll go. Money is one potential issue since I’ll be plunking down cash for myself and my fiance to have a private hotel stay during his now-planned trip in July. But the more pressing issue is my lack of interest in seeing some of my old classmates.

I never had a huge group of friends growing up, and that extended into my high school years. Outside of high school, I’ve kept in touch with only a few of those friends, with some seemingly disappearing to another town/city altogether and others being busy with their own lives. I was never a “popular kid”, though the consensus around others was that I hung around smart, bookish kids and was one myself. And, technically, they were right. The problem with that, however, is that the most I’d do is say hi to or hang around other people through class projects or events like the school play. And once high school ended, I had no immediate desire to stay in touch with people who didn’t hang out with me, nor follow up with them later on via Facebook.

Another thing I always prided myself on, especially in school, is that I try to stay out of people’s business/drama. Because of that, I honestly could care less about playing catch-up with people, no matter if I see them around town or if for the first time since graduation. I still dislike my lack of a career throughout these years and being pretty much forced to live at home as a result, so that’s one topic I wouldn’t want to repeat to people. If I hate doing it within my own family, you can bet I’d hate it moreso with a bunch of people I haven’t seen in years. The only bright spots would be having my fiance with me and at least having plenty to talk about with the fun trips he and I have spent together, and also possibly seeing my best friends again (which has been non-existent because, again, busy lives). But even that feels like a waste of time to me, as my fiance would only know my friends and I’d rather spend time with each of them instead of among people we may or may not remember.

I don’t know, maybe I’ll change my mind once something is set in stone for it. But for now, all I can think about is how old I feel. Being out of school this long really puts your life in perspective, whether you feel you’ve accomplished a lot or not much at all. It also makes me realize how easy social networking and the Internet in general has made checking in on old classmates. If Facebook didn’t exist, I wouldn’t know a thing about what many in my grad class have been up to. But thanks to it, I can tell (usually) what job they have or had, schools they’ve been to since high school, whether they’re married/dating/single and have kids, etc. Things have changed a lot (for better or worse) since I graduated in 2006, and it’ll be interesting to see how else things change in the next 10 years.


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