Easter Memories

Easter Decoration

Easter was always one of those holidays that, even as a kid, I knew would be more enjoyable back then rather than now. Whenever I celebrate Easter now, the most that usually happens is a dinner not unlike our Christmas one that takes place with my dad’s side of the family. Sure, the option of getting candy and such is still open, but while it was more like a fun scavenger hunt back then, now it’s pretty much just buying candy when it goes on sale. And yes, I know that also applies to Halloween as well, but I always felt Halloween had more going for it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Considering its ties to the rebirth of Jesus, we occasionally indulged in that side of the holiday by going to church. But for me, Easter boiled down to searching for hidden goodies that my parents (aka the “Easter Bunny”) hid around our house. My sisters and I made a big deal out of it almost as much as we did with Christmas – getting up early in the morning just so we could search every nook and cranny for chocolate eggs before my parents woke up. When my parents would get up, they usually tried to hint at any treats we missed, though it was inevitable each year that one would go unnoticed. We always got a good laugh when a random egg or candy would be found late in the year.

In the days leading up to Good Friday, our elementary school teachers would sometimes pass out treats and have us help decorate the classroom. That brings me to one aspect of Easter I’ve always loved: the spring imagery. Rabbits, chicks, flowers, and the light pastel colors just appeal to me, especially living in an area where snow can still fall even in mid-April. The rebirth aspect also makes the holiday just feel…upbeat. It’s a feel-good holiday to me, even if I don’t indulge in it as much as I used to. I might appreciate it more than I used to for what the holiday represents, but I’ll always look back fondly on those egg hunts that dominated my childhood.


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