Another Valentine’s Day


Many people like to criticize Valentine’s Day for not being a “real” holiday aka a manufactured holiday by companies to sell flowers, cards, and chocolates. I never put much stock in it as the “holiday of love” when I was younger, as back then we’d spend the day (while in school) passing around cards and getting some candy. And when I got old enough to gain an understanding of love, I still figured you’d celebrate that sort of thing all year around, not condense it to a single day that TV and radio promoted as THE day for it.

That still holds true even now, despite me no longer being single. While I appreciate the sentiment of the day, I feel like you should give your partner plenty of love and affection all year round. I still like being acknowledged on Valentine’s Day, even though my fiance and I have only ever spent one physically together so far, but I don’t worry about us doting on each other like crazy during it. But hey, if he wants to give me extra kisses/hugs/chocolate/etc., I won’t refuse it.

What makes that easier to swallow is the fact that I share my birthday with this holiday. Valentine’s Day may be shallow to some, but with it being the day I came into this world, it holds more meaning to me. Like with many kids, I celebrated with parties, cake and presents. As I got older, while some of that remained the same, the parties were more relaxed and I’d spend them with either friends, family or a small mix of both. Now, having turned 28, I’ve spent many birthdays recently just doing mundane things with maybe a cake or dinner out on the side. Whether I got sick, had to work, or just spent the day home (as I’m doing today), I’ve accepted that not all of my birthdays will be uberly fun.

However, the one constant of both my birthday and Valentine’s Day is hearing from friends and family wishing me well. So, while others out there will either be celebrating or cursing this day, I’ll be relaxing at home and thanking everyone out there who appreciates that, 28 years ago today, I came into existence. And no amount of flowers, cards, or chocolates could ever top that.


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