My Current Obsession: Marvel’s Jessica Jones


I promised myself I’d wait until I was at least three episodes into “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” before blogging, but I’m just too eager to talk about it. Netflix has been on a roll with me lately in terms of giving me shows that are oddly captivating to watch, from “Marvel’s Daredevil” to “House of Cards” and now this. And, much like with “Daredevil,” I’ve found myself caught up in the dark vibe the show’s going for.

The basic gist is that the show revolves around the titular Jessica Jones, a PI who happens to have superhuman strength. While the show has made the point to give slim pickings of her background, I do know that her comic iteration was a super-heroine who became a PI thanks to a traumatic event involving a man named Kilgrave aka the Purple Man. This show loosely follows that continuity in that Jessica is haunted by her memory of Kilgrave and his ability to control people via speech. He’s also firmly established as the clear baddie of the season and is only shown sporadically in the shadows (and with purple lighting as a nod to his namesake) as early as the first episode to really build up how terrifying he is. I’m looking forward to more of him, as while I liked David Tennant’s role as the 10th Doctor on “Doctor Who,” I’m really intrigued to see how he handles playing a villain.

Having only watched two episodes so far (I COULD marathon, but I wanna make all 13 episodes last for a while), I can say that I didn’t find the first episode captured my attention quite as hard as “Daredevil” did. However, I’ve always been into female-driven shows (“Xena: Warrior Princess”, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Alias”, etc.) and I already feel “Jessica Jones” is one of the best to come out in recent memory. Krysten Ritter plays Jessica as a gritty, brazen PI with just the right dose of snark and humor when it calls for it. Sure, those character traits have been seen before, but the great thing is that she doesn’t feel written as “just a female character.” She feels like a character period, with the complexities and flaws to match. Even fellow “superhero” Luke Cage gets time to shine before his own series gets thrown onto Netflix, and he’s easily my favorite supporting character so far.

There are a couple other things I also enjoy. The intro, for one, has nice visuals and low-key music, really capturing the sort of noir-esque style the show has. To add to that, Jessica also has narration when she needs to direct her thoughts, whether important/trivial or serious/funny, to the audience. I remember “Daredevil” did that for about three episodes before dropping it altogether and it felt like a necessary change just because it didn’t add much to the story. Here, though, it fits the style and tone of the show and I hope it stays throughout the season and possible future seasons.

If I had to complain about anything at this early stage of the show, it’s the lack of strong supporting characters. Now, as you can obviously tell, I really liked “Daredevil” and that includes the dynamics it set up between Daredevil, his foes, and his allies. And while I like that Jessica has a darker outlook from being essentially tainted by Kilgrave’s influence, it kinda hurts her case to not have a close social network. Sure, characters like Luke Cage, her lawyer “friend”/confident Jeri, and her apparently best friend Trish pop up here and there, but because she prefers to keep people safe by keeping her distance, it doesn’t give them as much screen-time to develop. Granted, that could easily change as I watch the rest of the season, but it’s been tough to get used to.

From my very early impressions of the show, it’s easily one I’d recommend even if you AREN’T following the films/shows from the Marvel universe. This kind of set-up allows for a show that’s more detective drama  than superhero action. If you’re looking for something with more emphasis on dramatic storytelling than comic book-style fight scenes (though they occasionally pop up), then give this show a watch. Heck, if you’re looking for something with an interesting female lead, I argue this show may just be what you’ve been waiting for. Thirteen episodes is not a big ask for some quality entertainment, but be aware that it’s easily the darkest/grittiest work Marvel’s put out so far.

The Spook Factor!

Well, the past week was a bit eventful. I took my first trip to Nova Scotia ever by visiting a cousin in Truro, and in the meantime managed to play through and beat both “Chibi-Robo – Zip Lash!” and “Warioware: Smooth Moves.” The latter is definitely more fun with friends, but at least all the minigames are available now. As for Chibi-Robo, I agree with most reviews out there that place it at about a 6 or 7 out of 10. I personally enjoyed it as a platformer and liked having the Chibi Robo aesthetic, but Mario it is not and the first Chibi Robo game still reigns supreme.

But I digress. You might be wondering what the title of this blog means. Well, a few years ago, my fiance and I ventured into the world of internet reviewing. We posted videos of him covering everything from movies to books to video games on a site formerly called (now known as They were very fun to make, but we eventually decided to end the show. But now, that’s all changed. My fiance yearned to start up a new show focused around his passion for horror, specifically horror aimed at kids to pre-teens. That show, as the title says, is called “The Spook Factor.”

“The Spook Factor” is basically a show where my fiance, going by his screen name “Daffy”, covers horror-based media for a younger audience. This ranges from movies to TV shows/specials to books/comic books. We’re aiming to make the show family-friendly, since many great horror reviewers like Count JackulaThe Horror Guru, and Terror Obscura tend to cover more adult horror films and the like. Even as an adult, my fiance still enjoys kids’ horror-themed stuff like “Goosebumps” and “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”. So, not only can we show kids what the genre has to offer, but also encourage adults to possibly relive some nostalgia.

Now, sure, this post is basically a plug for it/extra exposure, but I edit those videos and love seeing our work get some attention. Whether it be criticism or praise, it makes it all worthwhile despite ultimately being a fun hobby for us (we don’t bother with money-making ads). The first official episode is still in the works (should have it out by the weekend!), but I’ll go ahead and link our little video introducing the show below. Feel free to watch and I hope you enjoy!

Post-Trip Update!

Hey everyone! So, it’s been about a week since I came back from Miami, and as you’ve been able to tell over the past month or so, I’ve slacked off royally. Part of that was because I wanted to spend more non-computer time with my man, and the other part was general laziness. I’m still glad I caught up with the Dresden series and got to meet my first real TV crush, James Marsters, but I realize it’s been almost a month without me blogging and it’s time to get back into my groove.

Aside from the overall trip being a blast as always, I came away from it with a couple video games to play and a few TV shows to try out. I now consider myself a “Steven Universe” fan (though if you asked me which I prefer, I’d still pick “Gravity Falls”). I’m giving the new “Ash vs. the Evil Dead” series a shot, so time will tell if I decide to follow through with it. I’m even planning to rewatch older shows such as the short-lived “The Dresden Files,” which was VERY loosely based on the books, and “Danny Phantom,” which I saw a good chunk of back in the day.

As for games, I played “Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets” which, while pretty and humorous, was on the mediocre side as far as games go. I loved Ubisoft’s Rayman games and it borrowed heavily from those, but the overall package left me wanting more. I’m holding out hope that more games will be made with the license because of how much that could be done with it. I also bought and started “Chibi Robo: Zip Lash” and so far find it pretty fun, if a bit less quirky and interesting than either the original game or “Park Patrol.” And, thanks to it, I also bought my very first amiibo despite still not owning a Wii U! …Then I followed that up with buying the pink Yarn Yoshi one as well. I’m a sucker for all things cute.

At this point, I soon have to start the job hunt again, but until that happens I’ve been helping my mom with everything possible (cleaning, cooking, menial tasks, etc.) due to her sore arms (one that needs surgery in the near future). So, even if a lot of the exciting stuff I’ve experienced is now behind me, I’ll still continue to post at least a blog a week from this point on. Stay tuned!