Wizard World Comic Con Awesomeness


Well, I was planning to wait on blogging about Wizard World Comic Con till after this weekend, but these past two days were all me and my fiance needed to get the full experience. While the convention is the smallest of the two official ones I’ve attended, it was still very fun and a great experience.

The convention kicked off badly for us yesterday, however, because it turned out that the convention center it was located in was past the Port Authority in Fort Lauderdale. For anyone who’s never gone on a cruise before, they’re in charge of checking your cruise documents and photo ID before letting you enter the docks. After making the hour-long drive up from Miami, we learned this only once we reached the port and had to make the trip back to grab my ID, which we hadn’t known we needed. It was a frustrating start and neither of us were pleased that the convention didn’t list that info directly on their website. Thankfully, once we got back and made it to the center, we had four hours of fun ahead of us.

Since much of our time had been wasted driving, we decided to browse the merchandise stands and artist alley for possible commissions/purchases. My fiance and I found an artist we met during this year’s Megacon and he got a great voodoo priest commission of himself. We found plenty of artists worth revisiting for today, as well as a couple hard sellers that talked our ears off. But the biggest highlight, besides the laidback atmosphere and not-at-all huge crowd was our photo op with James Marsters aka Spike from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (and MANY other things). As with all photo ops, the moment only lasted a short while, but he enjoyed my Buffy-themed shirt and even gave me a warm “You’re welcome” as I thanked him before leaving. My fiance and I left with photo in hand and feeling extremely glad that the day turned around after the fiasco that kicked it off.

But today was the big con day for us, and while we didn’t stay till closing time, we had a blast. My usual “tradition” at conventions now is to snap pics of cool stuff and awesome cosplayers while we’re walking the floor, and I got a good amount of them at this one as well. We tried to be wise about spending our money and went for only the artwork that we desperately wanted, with my fiance going for many Halloween-themed pieces to celebrate the season and myself choosing fandom-based stuff (including a great pixel bead piece of Paper Mario AND artwork by the guitarist of the band Good Charlotte). We met many cool fans throughout the day and even became chummy with a few artists that we both hope we’ll see in future conventions.

AGAIN, though, the highlight of the entire day was anything and everything to do with James Marsters. Having decided to get his autograph by having him sign his self-written comic, “Spike: Into The Light,” we got in line at his table shortly after 11:30. While there, we talked with a few fellow “Buffy” fans, and we had the pleasure of watching James interact with two women ahead of us we’d spoken to. One of them asked him to recite a speech Spike gives Buffy in Season 7, and as he did, he held her hand the entire time. She was crying tears of joy and it was just adorable to watch. The next woman had a beautiful “Beauty and the Beast” tattoo on her arm that James was quick to ask about. Finally, it was our turn, and I was more excited than nervous when we approached him and shook his hand. We soon got into a conversation involving “Lilo & Stitch” (thanks to the shirt I was wearing – he just loved my shirts!), books/audio books (such as the Dresden series), Canada (which he admitted he’d love to live in), Amber Benson and her directing capabilities during “Chance,” and, to top it all off, he did a hilarious little bit for us in Spike’s accent. He gave us lots of his time without making us feel bad for it, kept eye contact (such pretty eyes!) at every turn, and had us both invested in everything he had to say. Once we’d stepped far enough away, we were both jumping and squeeing at how awesome and friendly he was.

But that wasn’t the end of our time with James. After 2:30, he hosted a Q&A panel where fans asked him various questions about shows he’s been on and his favorite episodes on them, sang a good chunk of a “Ghost of the Robot” (his band) song which was in-freakin’-credible, and even pulled out the Spike accent once more while talking about voice work. The whole time, he was very attentive to both the person asking their question(s) and the audience, and he was very engaging to listen to and watch. He even indulged in some major gamer geekiness at the end when a boy asked him where the game room was (James quote, paraphrased: “There’s a game room?! Where’s the game room?! Oculus Rift! Oculus Rift! Oculus Rift!”). It was one of the best panels I’ve ever been to and it flew by way too fast.

So, while Wizard World Comic Con at Fort Lauderdale was a much smaller outing than Megacon, it still gave me an experience I’ll never, ever, EVER forget. The moments I had involving James were a life-long dream come true and I’m proud to say I finally got to meet a man I both admire and consider my biggest celebrity crush of all time (my fiance even mentioned this to him and it earned me a hearty high-five). And even though my Florida trip is far from over, I feel I can safely say that this convention will be in my top highlights of it.

Me, Richard & Spike!!!


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