My Love for Batman


I’ve said in the past that I never got into comics as a kid. Despite that, I knew about the Marvel and DC superheroes thanks to friends and other forms of media. One of my first interactions into these universes was through “Batman: The Animated Series.” And it was between this and my eventual viewing of the movie “Batman” that started my love for the Dark Knight and his baddies.

As a kid, Batman as a concept fascinated me. The idea of a rich socialite masking as a vigilante isn’t anything new now, but back then I thought it was awesome. I loved that he solved his problems through a mix of wits, gadgetry and detective skills. It’s one reason why I still prefer him over Superman, who always came across boring to me. It probably has to do with his wide variety of powers and attitude, but I digress. Batman, on the other hand, was my first foray into the idea of a vigilante, a guy who could easily go to the dark side but who had morals to prevent it.

But as time wore on (and the shows and movies as well), I found myself loving Batman’s world even more thanks to the villains. The Joker, Two-Face, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Catwoman and many, many others still continue to intrigue me. I always loved how much personality each one had and their various methods of dealing with Batman and Robin as well (who I typically don’t mind depending on the portrayal). While I find it annoying at times with how much of a craphole Gotham is portrayed as, it makes sense that this is where someone like Batman comes into play. The dark atmosphere of everything, from the city, the villains and Batman himself felt like such a stark contrast to other superheroes and especially so with the cartoon when compared to others at the time.

Of course, while the cartoon was my first bout with the Bat, I’ve enjoyed most of the live-action movies as well as watching my fiance and others play through the Arkham video games. Although, with the latter, I put some of that on the fact that they got the cartoon’s voice actors, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill, to play Batman and the Joker respectively. Even some of the stuff I haven’t liked (such as “Gotham”) has had their merits. I’ve always liked how Batman’s world was so rich in character and history. There’s a lot of potential to be had with Batman, his allies, his main villains and the lesser ones as well.

Batman, be it in movies, on TV or in video games, is still my favorite superhero from DC’s side. I may have gotten more than my fill of vigilante justice from the likes of “Arrow” and “Daredevil”, but Batman will forever be my first.


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