No More “Adventure Time” For Me


It’s strange how our opinion of things can change over time. For some, this can be from rewatching a show or movie they loved as a kid, only to find that it doesn’t quite hold up. For others, it can be starting a new show or movie and being into it, only to find it doesn’t entertain them anymore by the end. For me, the latter has happened with “Adventure Time.”

It’s hard to pinpoint when I started falling out of love with the show, as there were times in Season 5 that I felt it had plenty of misses. I’d have to say, though, that Season 6 has cemented it for me. While I enjoyed the Fiona/Cake episode “The Prince Who Wanted Everything,” the surprisingly engaging “Little Brother” episode that focused on Shelly the worm, “Evergreen” for giving more backstory on Ice King’s crown, and several other standout episodes besides these, I’ve just found it’s been a chore to actually sit and watch the new episodes as they’ve come out. Granted, I’ve had other shows come up to the plate and steal my attention, like “Gravity Falls” and “Daredevil” (which I’ve finished and can’t wait for the second season). But I think another part of it is that I no longer am interested in the random humor and following Finn and Jake.

As this show went on, you could probably tell in my seasonal top episodes lists that I preferred many that involved Ice King, Marceline, or both. That remains true even now, mainly because I love those characters and the depth the show’s shown with them. Now, maybe the voice actors have had more on their plate to cause them not to show up much this season, but I feel the show was missing a spark without them. I never cared for the plot involving Finn’s dad from the start, and the recent comet plot has had me wishing they’d pursued it earlier, maybe even in the previous season. I guess after witnessing a show like “Gravity Falls”, I feel it’s just overall better than what “Adventure Time” has offered me lately.

That’s not to say I think it’s a bad show – far from it. It still has its moments of brilliance and I still like many of the characters, but I’m ending off with Season 6. I won’t be making a top episodes list for it either. I may still check out “Steven Universe” at some point, but until then, my days of “Adventure Time” are over.


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