My Current Obsession: Marvel’s Daredevil


Given my recent forays with DC lately between “Arrow” (still have to watch most of Season 3) and now “Flash” (2 eps in and thoroughly enjoying it), I didn’t expect to want to try diving into yet another superhero show. When I heard about the Netflix version of “Daredevil”, I was intrigued yet wary about it. For one thing, I had never been overly interested in Daredevil as a character, though some of that wasn’t helped by the awful theatrical cut of the Daredevil movie. And for another thing, I didn’t want to burn out on superhero shows. However, with the urging of my friends and fiance, I decided to give it a shot. I gotta say, I’m only 4 episodes in as of writing this, and I was hooked by the end of the first.

One thing that eased my worries going in was the show’s length. At 13 episodes spanning about 45-50 minutes each, it’s tailor-made for binge watching. To avoid getting burnout, I’ve set “Arrow” and “Flash” on the back burner to watch this, and I’m uberly glad I did. Not that I feel the dark tone would conflict with those two, but it feels nice to focus on one at a time. This show was created by one of my favorite Joss Whedon writers, Drew Goddard, and so far I consider it one of the most solidly written shows I’ve seen to date.

Of course, given that I’m not even halfway through the show yet, there’s still a lot I don’t know about where it’ll go in terms of plot or character development. But what I DO know is that I absolutely love the performances here. This is one of the best casts I’ve seen and I don’t feel like there has been any obvious weak links so far. I love Charlie Cox as Matt, far more than Ben Affleck’s interpretation. He just seems so confident and yet relatable in his struggles to clean up New York’s crime syndicate. I love his pal and law partner Foggy as well, especially when he gets serious about his job. I really thought I’d find his comedic sidekick act to be annoying, but I haven’t minded him one bit. I enjoy the female characters as well, Karen and Claire, and hope to see more of their involvement in the story. I LOVE Ben, both as a hard-hitting journalist and all-around character. Having studied journalism, I just wanna hang out with this guy and work alongside him. I loved getting to see Matt’s father, Jack, during flashbacks of his childhood and the great chemistry between his actor and the child actor. And, of course, I adore the baddies. The Russian brothers have a great connection to one another, the Kingpin’s associate Wesley is conniving and smug and played by the perfect actor, and I both loved and am scared of the Kingpin himself. I enjoy Vincent D’Onofrio as an actor, especially a TV one, and his early portrayal here was unexpected and just awesome.

I love how this show is shot too, almost standing out like a graphic novel. The use of shadows and colored lighting makes everything pop, and the show isn’t afraid to get a little gruesome to show realistic injuries. I appreciate how realistic the action scenes come off too, and they’re always shot in a way so that you’re never once confused over what’s happening. I like how Matt’s strong sense of hearing is portrayed by slowing things down and amplifying sounds around him. I also like the sparse but good references to the Marvel films, specifically the Battle of New York that took place in “The Avengers.” And I like how the flashbacks to Matt’s childhood give us a little bit of information at a time to let things build and develop naturally. Honestly, the only bad things I’ve had to say about this show to my fiance have been extremely minor nitpicks and nothing that took away from the quality of it.

I feel like this show is easily one of the best things Marvel’s put out, both via its movie and TV offerings. One thing I couldn’t stand with dark shows like “Gotham” was how almost laughably corrupt everyone was and how hard they tried to make Gotham dark. With “Daredevil”, New York feels like a real city that naturally has a seedy side, and I believe that these crime syndicates would do what they could to achieve power. Overall, I would recommend this show to anyone looking to either get into a more realistic superhero show or to just continue with the Marvel universe. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what the rest of Season 1 has to offer, and I just know I’ll be on board for Season 2 by next year.


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