Big Dogs vs Little Dogs


As I sit here at my aunt’s house only three days into their trip, I’ve come to a realization: If I ever get a dog, I definitely want a big one. Why? Well, there are various reasons, but these repeated dogsitting bouts I’ve had taking care of my aunt’s Pomeranian have cemented that for me. Let me add, though, that despite never owning a dog of my own, I’ve always loved dogs (big AND small), and I’m not trying to say that one is better than the other. These are just my personal reasons for why I feel I’d prefer a bigger dog in the future.

To start off, the Pomeranian I’m dogsitting is at least smart enough to know not to step into the busy road my aunt’s house is connected to. However, because he’s such a tiny fluffball, it’s easy to lose sight of him even while I’m also outside. While I’m not worried about losing him, my aunt has a decently big property and plenty of places for him to sneak out of view. I feel like for my own sense of security, I’d want a bigger dog to avoid this issue entirely.

Now, I can’t speak much for bigger dogs and how often they eat/digest food, but this particular Pomeranian needs to be taken out to use the bathroom fairly often. Even something as simple as a drink of water seems to go through him in no time at all. I know, this could easily differ from dog to dog despite the size, but the only benefit I’ve found from this is that, of course, the little guy has very little…ahem, droppings. But even that has a downside because they’re also harder to spot (thankfully I’ve avoided them by some miracle so far).

Of course, one of the things people always love to bring up and even joke about is how little dogs are ankle-biters and yippy to boot. I’m lucky that this one isn’t big on biting, but he does like to bark a lot in the right circumstances (especially when he sees my mom – she’s not a dog lover). Considering he’s not the smallest breed out there, his bark definitely could be worse, but it can still grate from time to time. That’s not to say big dogs aren’t just as annoying, but I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by some that barely did bark (though I assume they were trained not to).

If there are some reasons why I think having a little dog would be beneficial, it’s that they don’t take up much space, therefore making great apartment dogs, and they’re less of a hassle to cart around for long-distance trips. But personally, I was always more interested in the dogs I saw in media while I was growing up, whether they were a German Shepherd, Dalmatian, Husky or Golden Retriever (to name a few). Sure, there was the occasional small dog I found cute, but I was always more drawn to those big breeds. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned during my dogsitting, it’s that all dogs, no matter how big or small, crave care and attention. I just hope that I can give whatever dog I choose all the love and care it deserves…and maybe even own another cat some day too.


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