Update Time!

In less than two weeks, I’ll be off once again to Miami to visit my fiance (crosses fingers for good travel weather). Since I’ll be staying for a month this time, I can’t say for sure if I’ll be doing a blog each week I’m there. I do want to blog about a convention we’ll be revisiting, so look forward to that.

As for the next two weeks, I’ll still have a blog up at some point. Because I’ll be busy spending time with my man on the second week, I’m hoping to read and blog about the final Dresden book in my possession before I leave that Wednesday. Who knows? Maybe most of my blogs while I’m there WILL be about Dresden, since I’ll have more access to my fiance’s collection.

I figured I’d just do up a simple blog this week to make my plans known. It hasn’t been the most eventful week anyway, though right now I’m mostly hoping and praying for the apparently upcoming snowstorm to be the only one (again, crosses fingers). I’m getting super sick of winter and really want to see all this snow melt. But I suppose that’s an added benefit to getting some quality time in Florida, huh? Until then, look forward to the next two blogs while I try not to freeze.


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