The Job Woes Continue

You know what I’ve come to hate about job-searching more than the waiting part? Losing any bit of control over my ability to job search. I’ve been holding this in for a while, only really talking about it with my fiance and a little with my mom, but I can’t stand having people related to me try to “help” me by taking matters into their own hands.

Case in point, I recently found out about a house-sitting job that I figured I’d look into at some point this week. But I then found out my mom had gone ahead and called up the woman to find out for me. The job has since been revealed to be nothing more than basically renting a house, something I’m not interested in doing, but it irritates me to no end when this sort of thing happens. I don’t mind going with her to pass out resumes (as I still need a vehicle yet), but it’s one thing for her and my dad to make suggestions. It’s another thing entirely for them to push stuff onto me without me knowing.

The same can be said for my relatives, though this tends to be more the case on my dad’s side. I get asked more about my job situation from them than I do from the relatives on my mom’s side (though there are definitely exceptions), but they’ve also occasionally brought up job offers to “help” me. Look, I’m not selfish. I can appreciate their concerns and giving suggestions is most likely what they consider a kind gesture. But I’m also not a teenager anymore, when this sort of thing would be considered…well, more appropriate. I’ll be 27 in a couple weeks, and yet I still feel at times as though people in my family either don’t think I’m looking hard enough or not at all. This is a major vice of my dad in particular, though I’m not the only one he’s acted towards like that.

I know this blog might come off as whiny, but the fact is that I really am trying my best and avoiding being lazy. Given that I still want to move in with my fiance in the near future, I still can’t help feeling like I’m better off avoiding moving and the like until THAT big move happens. Because of that, I have to practically take what I can get in town, which isn’t a lot. My last job was one of my most well-liked yet, and I was let go after only 4 months due to overstaffing. It’s hard not to feel frustrated when it’s one aspect of my life I’m severely lacking in, and to have even a shred of what little control I have over it taken by others just adds to that frustration. I sincerely hope my situation improves this year, but until then I’m gonna try to continue asserting myself when it comes to this job search.


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