Ringing in 2015

Well, the new year is almost upon us, and looking back on this year I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by. I feel like the most I’ve accomplished is a minor job for my resume and another great trip with my fiance. On the other hand, I did hit some minor goals. I watched the entire Harry Potter series, got caught up on my 3DS games (though I’m now behind a little again), and got into a few TV shows again by finally watching “Avatar” and enjoying the craziness that is “Gravity Falls” I’m positive I’m missing a few things, but the main thing to take away is that I found this year for me personally to be relatively mundane.

This was also the most prominent year I’ve experienced yet for celebrity deaths, at least celebrities I’ve grown up with. On the internet front, we lost Justin “JewWario” Carmichael, who was an amazing guy and just so happy-go-lucky despite harboring some demons. We’ll soon be coming up to the “anniversary” of his death, and it’s going to be a weird and sad feeling.

On the movie front, there were tons, especially from my childhood: Richard Attenborough, who I’ll always remember as the late and great John Hammond from “Jurassic Park” (one of my favorite movies), the lovable Mickey Rooney, who I wish I’d seen more of, Harold Ramis, who I’ll always see as Egon (you know who I’m talking about), Bob Hoskins, who I wish I’d seen more of, and finally, the talented and hilarious Robin Williams, who even despite questionable movie choices always got a laugh out of me. Of course, there were plenty of other great people we lost this year, but these ones in particular left an impact on me.

But as it is with every year, the good still outweighed the bad for me, and I have a few things to look forward to in the coming year. I’m excited to visit my fiance in the spring for a hopefully much longer and even more eventful trip. We’re hoping to sort out what needs to be done for me to become a US citizen and maybe even discuss marriage plans. Even though I have to job hunt again, I’m hopeful to find something (NOT fast food) that I can be satisfied with before I eventually move. While I haven’t looked into much as far as what games/movies will be coming out, I’m definitely excited for the 3DS remake of “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask” and I’ve made it my goal to finally beat that game after all these years of never achieving it.

I didn’t really make any resolutions last year, but this year I hope to make some progress with my fiance for our future. I want to get back into using my “Just Dance” games and the like to exercise a bit so that if I’m stuck sitting around at home, I won’t be all unhealthy and lazy all the time. I plan to have the Dresden series completely read by the end of the year (hopefully), as well as maybe even the books I still have to read yet. I also want totry to complete some games I’ve been putting off besides my 3DS ones, such as “Okami” for the Wii. And of course, I want to continue being happy with my life no matter what the year throws at me.

So, those are my wishes for 2015. I hope far more good happens than bad, both for me and for everyone out there as well. Have a happy new year! 🙂


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