Blogging Woes (AKA Having Too Much on Your Mind)

If you’re like me and like to blog, I pose a question to you. Ever have one of those times when you have many things you can blog about and yet don’t know which to choose? That basically sums up my feelings this week as I grasp at the last few days of my trip before I have to head back home to prepare for job searching and the Christmas festivities.

This week involved a lot of things for me, especially from a review standpoint. I saw both “The Book of Life” and “Big Hero 6,” both of them fun, enjoyable movies that looked great and, despite simple plots, had a lot of heart through the characters. I’d highly recommend them both to the casual viewer. I also tried “Guitar Hero 3” for the first time, both with a PS3 controller and later a PS2 wireless guitar. I was pretty bad with both, but it’s a game that takes practice and is pretty fun when you accomplish something. I’m slowly going through “Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire” and loving every minute of it. I only ever tried “Emerald,” but this version feels fresh and well done so far. After a few months of searching to no avail, I managed to find and get a copy of “Harvest Moon: Animal Parade” for the Wii. It’s a game I’ve been interested in since watching PeanutButterGamer’s review of it and I’m happy to have finally found it. And, after a slow start, I finished reading the second Dresden book today, “Fool Moon.” I won’t go into details, though, as I may review it next week.

I’ve managed to try a few new restaurants during this trip, as well as indulge in some of my favorites from past trips. Some of these new ones include a delicious Cuban restaurant called Islas Canaria and an awesome donut cafe called Mojo’s Donuts. Another new one I visited just yesterday was a Japanese seafood buffet restaurant called Kamado’s. I’d never tried Japanese food before, so I was pretty excited to try it out. Besides classics like chicken balls, wings and boneless ribs, I had many firsts at this place: Veggie tempura, an Alaskan roll of sushi, miso and wonton soup (I preferred the wonton), specially made donuts, and even green tea-flavored ice cream (surprisingly good). It was a great experience and I definitely wouldn’t mind revisiting Kamado’s in the future.

I’ve been able to meet a few more new people on this trip, most notably my fiance’s sister’s new beau and some friends of Tony and Lee Ann’s. Thanks to Thanksgiving, I reunited with family from my future mom-in-law’s side (who are always awesome) and even revisited some from his dad’s side that I haven’t seen since a few years ago. I’ll be seeing his dad this weekend before I head home, so it’ll be a good rounding out of all the usual friendly faces for such a short trip.

The only thing left now is whether or not I’ll be heading home on time or end up having to extend my trip. Bad weather has been called for the day I come home and I’m not sure what the plan will be until the day prior to it. Despite those concerns, I’m thankful to my parents for giving me this trip as an early Christmas present, and I’m hoping it’ll ease the wait between now and my eventual return trip next spring. It might have been hectic at times, but I’m grateful I’ve had this time to see my fiance, experience all these new things, and even pick up a few early Christmas presents for myself. 🙂

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