A Life Update

So… I completely forgot to blog last week, and I apologize for that. I’ve been a little overly excited for my 2-week trip to Miami that I’m taking this Wednesday. While I wish I could stay over Christmas (and by extension the whole friggin’ winter season), I’m just happy my parents had the foresight to give me the chance to see my fiance as an early Christmas present.

The past couple months have been pretty good to me. Aside from this trip, I also took a mini-trip to Bangor, Maine with my mom during the last week of October. It was a lot of fun and I spent plenty of cash on presents for myself and others. I saw “The Judge” in theaters while I was there, which I thought was pretty good for a drama (though it didn’t hurt that I had Robert Downey Jr. to look at), and I finally got around to watching “The Boxtrolls” this past weekend via streaming. It was a cute movie, though not nearly my fave from Laika (that still belongs to “ParaNorman”). Game-wise, I picked up “Fire Emblem: Awakening” after having tried and liked the demo, got Diancie as well as a few legendaries for “Pokemon X” in preparation for me picking up “Alpha Sapphire” during this trip, and I also ordered and received “Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham,” which looks to be almost if not just as good as its console brethren.  And, as pointed out 2 weeks ago, I saw the end to Series 8 of “Doctor Who”, which despite being disappointing has me in high hopes for the Christmas special and Series 9.

But with the good inevitably comes the bad, though thankfully not much of it. Issues have arose in my extended family, in particular an aunt going through a very rough time. We’re all pulling for her, but it’s gonna take time. I’ve fallen back into my hair-pulling habit after a couple months of managing to stop, but I’m working on getting back to that point once again. But the biggest thing was that I was let go from my job at Dairy Queen on Thanksgiving Day (keep in mind I’m Canadian) due to over-staffing in kitchen. It majorly sucked, especially since it was legitimately the best fast food place I’ve worked at yet, let alone the first job I’d managed to grab in about a year. It’s forced me back to square one as I can’t A) go for unemployment and B) find many job openings for this time of year. It’s frustrating and annoying, and I’m once again forced to watch my money in the meantime. And it still kills me that it was the first job I had where I actually got fired (although under amicable circumstances).

I hope 2015 shapes up to be a good year, but in the meantime I’m excited to visit my fiance and start sorting out details on arranging my eventual permanent stay in the States. I’m happy to welcome Christmas sooner than I thought and can’t wait for all the good times that come with it (minus the freezing cold weather and possible power outages). And I’m still eager for my second visit to occur during the spring at some point. I’ll be sure to blog at least some point during the next couple weeks, so check back for that. 🙂

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