Delving Into the World of Hitchcock

Hello everyone! As you know, October is quickly drawing near and happens to be my favorite of the autumn months. Why? Because contains two holidays: the delicious Thanksgiving (for us Canadians at least) and the spooktacular Halloween, my second favorite holiday. And since it’s that time of season, I’ve decided to do another round of Halloween-esque blogs.

Now, last year, I spent each day of October talking/writing about an episode of “Twilight Zone,” a cult-classic horror/mostly sci-fi anthology series. After some thought, I had wanted to continue from that and look at “Night Gallery,” a spin-off from TZ that was mostly based in horror. Unfortunately, the only source I could find to watch it online was Hulu, which doesn’t work in Canada. So, as an alternative, I’m going to look at a few episodes from another anthology series that I vaguely knew about: “Alfred Hitchcock Presents.”

This series, hosted by Alfred Hitchcock, tackles stories much in the same way as Hitchcock did for his films. Sometimes they have a twist and sometimes they don’t, but they’re meant to be thrilling and suspenseful. I honestly know very little about the show and what episodes through its many seasons are good, but I plan to check out a few favorites I’ve seen mentioned as well as stories that intrigue me.

However, unlike last year, I don’t plan to write a blog every day. There are two main reasons for this. The first is that I have my job, and I never know from one week to the next if I’ll have a lot of shifts or very few. And the second reason is that I’m taking a 3-day trip including the 31st to Bangor, Maine with my mom. I may possibly have my computer with me, but I highly doubt I’ll have much time for anything, let alone blogging. So, I’m going to aim for every 2-3 days for episodes, which means a lot less will be covered this time around.

I’m excited to dive into this side of Hitchcock and see what sort of stories he shared with TV audiences. Hopefully I’ll find some real gems, and I know I’ll gain more appreciation for the man by the time Halloween rolls around. See you all next week for Alfred Hitchcock Presents Month! 🙂


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