Thoughts on Tumblr (aka Still Not Getting on Twitter)

tumblr_m41lrmdFOm1rnmidmo1_1280Well, I was going to talk about the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta coming up, but then I remembered I’ve already mentioned that. So instead, I’m talking about how I recently (after a year or two of contemplation, mind you) decided to get my own tumblr. I consider it a fair trade for continuing to avoid Twitter at all costs (yes yes, I know it has its benefits, but it’s just not for me). And while Tumblr has its fair share of cons, trolls and bad behavior notwithstanding, I have to say that I’m enjoying it so far.

One of the benefits has been catching up with some of the people I watch online, such as Linkara, Spazzmaster and ProJared to name a few. This lets me ask some burning questions I’ve been wanting to for a while without resorting to Twitter, plus keep up with any updates on their work. And because many of my online friends, including my fiance, have a tumblr, I can also check out some of the cool things they’ve found through it.

For my own part, I’ve yet to utilize my own tumblr for any sort of purpose, but I hope to go beyond just asking questions and reblogging art, .gifs, photos and messages some day. I had originally thought of using it for blogging long before I started this blog, but I’ve since decided I’d rather just keep this blog instead. Tumblr’s also allowed me to reblog some causes I can’t otherwise afford the means to get behind, such as “Hullabaloo”, a 2D steampunk series/film in the making by some of Disney’s veteran animators. Reblogging it made me feel like I was contributing in a small way, even if it was just to spread the word about it.

I guess what I like about Tumblr over Twitter is that you can use it for many of the same functions (social networking, business connections, entertainment, etc.) but aren’t limited to the 140 characters rule. Plus, it has that same “freedom” as having your own blog, with many ways to customize your tumblr to your tastes or whatever you choose to make it about. Given that I’m still a newbie and don’t have many followers, I know mine is a blip on the radar compared to many of the popular ones out there, and thus I haven’t had to deal with any of the trolls or weirdos. But honestly, I’ll gladly take the lack of attention (both good and bad) if it means getting to enjoy the fun aspects of the site.


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