Editing and Me

The internet is a vast place, and it’s only been in the past 5 or 6 years that I got into watching that niche now known as internet reviewing. During this time, not long after I met and began my relationship with my fiance, we decided to try our hand at it as well. Our show was titled “Daffy Reviews”, named after my fiance’s screen name as he would be the one getting in front of the camera to review things like books and movies. He wrote the episodes himself, with the occasional input from me, and it was my job to edit everything together on good ‘ol frustrating Windows Movie Maker. For over two years, we had fun making these videos, but then real life got in the way and we made the mutual decision to stop.

In recent months, the conversation has cropped up on us possibly starting up a new series and getting back into the vid-making fray. Personally, I’m all for this. One of the best parts about getting to edit “Daffy Reviews” was being able to put what skills I gained through my journalism course in college to use. Sure, WMM was never be the best program for it, and sure, there were many times the process would be annoying beyond belief with some clips not working or uploads to Blip taking forever. But aside from those grievances, it was just plain fun. I enjoyed being a stickler for getting the timing between clip cuts just right and seeing the finished product come together after hours of sometimes stressful work. It gave me a feeling of accomplishment outside of the one other internet-related thing I handled: a wiki for TGWTG.com/now Channel Awesome.

Between the talk of making videos again, revisiting reviewers such as Some Jerk with a Camera, and diving into reviewers I meant to ages ago like Spazz Master and Il Neige, I have to say that I just miss editing. I miss it more than I ever thought I would. I don’t consider myself the greatest editor out there, especially still being stuck with WMM at the moment, and our show never got a huge amount of attention compared to others out there. But for me, the sense of satisfaction came not from the occasional views, but from creating something that represented our enjoyment for making videos and our love for others who do too. And while the internet is plastered with even more reviewers than back when we started, if we can find the time to get back into making videos, I hope we can still maintain the joy we felt doing them in the first place.


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