My Current Obsession: Smosh


I’ve been an avid YouTuber for a few years now, but there was one channel in particular that kept popping up on my recommendations that I continually brushed off. That channel is the one I’ve now been a bit obsessed with over the past week: Smosh.

Smosh is the duo of longtime best friends Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. They’ve been making videos since Youtube was created and mainly focus on comedic skits ranging from original ideas to parodies of video games/the internet/TV/movies/celebrities/etc. They’ve done music videos, many rap-based, and also have quite a few spin-off channels including Smosh Games (which helped get me into them), Shut Up Cartoons, and even a second channel for miscellaneous stuff like opening fan mail or just hanging out for lunch.

Now, given that their main focus is on comedy, their stuff can be hit or miss for me at times. A lot of it depends on the idea of the skit and the execution. That’s partly why I’m glad I found them through TheFineBros “Youtubers React” videos and their gameplay stuff on Smosh Games. Both give you a taste of their personalities, how they interact with their friends and each other, and, being that I’m a gamer myself, some fun gaming times in general.

In this past week, I’ve since watched the majority of their videos and channels and have subscribed to them as well. One thing I find fun with watching them, aside from their sometimes wacky antics, is that they’re my age and thus had grown up during the 90s as I did. So, basically, many of their videos have a heaping of nostalgia that I can relate to, making the humor that much better. That’s not to say some of their more original ideas haven’t been funny. but having a nostalgia factor or even just a pop cultural factor keeps me invested even more.

Because comedy is subjective, I can’t outright say that their videos will appeal to everyone. They very much play to the teenage/adult crowd and it really does come down to what interests you and makes you laugh versus what doesn’t. However, I would recommend checking them out, perhaps even by going through their backlog and seeing what catches your eye. For me, a lot of that has been video game related, such as their “Pokemon in Real Life” series and competitive gaming with Mari, Sohinki, Jovenshire and Lasercorn of the Smosh Games crew. But if gaming isn’t your thing, they have plenty more to offer.

To sum up, Ian and Anthony are two of the most fun YouTubers I’ve seen in a while. They both come off wacky even out of character, but also genuine and good-spirited as well. I’m glad I gave their videos a chance after basically shying away from them for so long, and I can’t give enough praise for the variety of videos they try to incorporate in their channels. I’m looking forward to sticking with them as they do more in the near future.

Caught ‘Em All!


I first got into Pokemon at the start of junior high. Around that time, I met some of my best friends who were already into the games, cards and anime that helped me learn more about it. My first game (and the reason I wanted a Gameboy Color for one birthday) was Pokemon Yellow, and I’ve had a tumultuous relationship with them ever since. I’d played main series games from Generations 1, 2 and 5, and many spin-offs including the Pokemon Stadium titles, Pokemon Pinball, Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Puzzle League to name a few. I’m now considering picking up either Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire, having only played a rom of Emerald from Generation 3 and still needing to try out Generation 4.

But it was with this newest generation, Generation 6, that I rediscovered my love for Pokemon. Sure, some things were changed to kinda simplify (if you took the option) the process such as Exp. Share giving all Pokemon experience. And some features, while useful, didn’t get much attention from me like Super Training (never been the hardcore competitive type) or Pokemon Amie (though it’s freaking adorable). But my main goal through any regular Pokemon game had always been to “beat” the game, defeating the bad guys and becoming the champion. The one goal I couldn’t reach, however, was “catching” every Pokemon.

In the old days, you had to use a link cable to trade between Gameboys, which for me was impossible because I didn’t own one and didn’t know anyone who did. Because of that, my copies of Yellow and Crystal remain incomplete to this day. But with streamlined online compatibility and the initial goal to simply fill in the blanks of the Kalos region Pokedex recently, I soon realized I had a shot at completing my first Pokedex and achieving that good ‘ol “Gotta catch ’em all!” mantra. Now, as of yesterday, that goal has been achieved. Thanks to my own determination, the offers from those on Wonder Trade and the Global Trading System, and my good friend Lozzy assisting me with completing that ridiculous amount of legendary Pokemon, I now have “caught” all 718 Pokemon. It’s just been a childhood dream come true for me, right up there with getting to go to Disney World for the first time 4 years ago.

It’s hard to believe there was once a time when 150 (or 151 to be specific) was the shining standard in catching them all. The only bad thing about reaching this goal is that I have to contend with all the new ones that come out between now and future generations. I highly doubt I’ll ever complete another Pokedex, including those in OR and AS, but I’ll have Pokemon X as a reminder of the one time I did. So, to anyone else who has accomplished this goal in the past or only just recently as I have, at least we can all say at least once that we were a Pokemon Master.

My Fantasy Pokemon Gym

I apologize for not blogging last week, but work kinda took my enthusiasm out of doing so. As part of a challenge issued from my fiance and with the recent news of Super Secret Bases returning to the Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire remakes with some new gym-like features, I’m going to talk about what type of gym I think I’d personally run. While the games probably won’t let you go too crazy with customization, this is just a small taste that I feel reflects my interests and personality. You can read my fiance’s here.

My Gym:  My gym would focus on Normal types and basically be like an indoor daycare/shelter for abandoned/orphaned Pokemon. Instead of being bleak, though, there would be a blue color palette to the furnishings, walls and floor to be calming and represent my love for the color and would be basically like a living room for Pokemon to play around in. There would be a few sprites of Pokemon here and there in the background relaxing or playing to set the laid back mood of the gym as well.

Gym Puzzle: Much like the old-school gyms, mine would be a single, huge, open room. My gym would probably be the second or third, so I’d have at least 4 trainers to encounter. You can’t get past them unless you answer a trivia question pertaining to Normal types first. If you get it right, you not only get to bypass the trainer but also get free items from each one, ranging from a Potion to a Silk Scarf. If you get it wrong, you have to battle the trainer and face off against low-leveled Miltank, Tauros and Pumbloom– I mean Whismur to name a few. They won’t be nearly as tough as Whitney’s Miltank or Norman’s Slaking, but you’ll still have to stay on your toes.

My Gym Leader Dialogue: “Many assume that Normal type Pokemon aren’t as unique compared to other types. But we believe that all Pokemon are special and deserve care and respect. My Pokemon and I share that understanding. Do you?”

Once defeated: “You definitely understand that all Pokemon deserve respect. Please, take this COMPANION BADGE as a symbol of the bond between you and your Pokemon.” (The Badge looks like a shiny blue star with a small red heart in the middle.) “Take this as well.” (I hand over TM17.) “This is Protect. Use it to shield your Pokemon from devastating attacks. Your connection to your Pokemon is very powerful. May your journey allow you to bond with many more.”

My Pokemon: I would use some of my favorites, though I’d probably only fight with 3. My full team would be Lillipup, Persian, Furret and Eevee with Chansey and Kangaskhan by my side as well. The first four would just represent some of my favorite Normal types, while the other two would fit with the gym’s aesthetic for being nurturing and caring.

My appearance: My sprite wouldn’t look much different than I do and would wear casual clothes such as a pink T-shirt, dark blue pants, and white and black sneakers. My sprite would be sitting down and have one hand adjusting her glasses while the other is gently around a Teddiursa sitting on her lap.

So, that’s basically one version of a gym I think I’d have if I were in a Pokemon game. If you have ideas for your own, feel free to comment and tell me below.