Orphan Black Season 2 Reflections (Spoiler-Free)

Last night marked Orphan Black’s tenth and final episode of Season 2, and like many cliffhanger episodes it left me with a ton of questions. This isn’t bad thing, though, as it tied up the season pretty well. And now that I have to wait a year for the hopefully inevitable Season 3, I thought I’d take time reflecting on the show so far.

In my opinion, Season 2, despite its many plot twists, felt a little weaker than Season 1 overall in terms of plot advancement. Granted, Season 1 was about establishing the characters and clone aspect, but I often felt that Season 2 sometimes meandered along in earlier episodes. For all the investment placed with Helena’s involvement with the Proletheans, a religious group in the show, I felt some of their parts without her weren’t overly interesting. That said, they were used to better effect, more so than in the first season. It also remains to be seen if the newest shocking development revealed last night will pay off on the part of one of the actors, as his role was relatively simplistic so far. I would say more, but I don’t want to spoil the season’s plots for those still watching.

However, one very big strength Season 2 has had over the first is character development. Each character and especially each clone have continued to grow. Tatiana Maslany has completely nailed each clone’s personality and made them separate and unique characters from one another. Characters like Felix and Kira continue to impress me, and some of the new characters introduced such as Cal and Ethan grew on me. I was even shocked by the sudden departure of one of the mainstays from Season 1, wishing they could’ve stayed longer but somewhat glad to see them go out with a bang. But for me, the best development character-wise was Alison’s husband Donnie. I didn’t pay him much mind in Season 1, but over the course of Season 2 he really grew on me and became very likable. It was one of the season’s pleasant surprises for me.

Despite feeling like Season 2 was a little weaker, I still thoroughly enjoyed it and everything that took place. The show has continued to keep my full interest and I’m eager to see what kinds of crazy things they do for Season 3. My only gripe/wish is for Angie the cop to soon disappear from the show. I just find her way unlikable and annoying, although her purpose for appearing this season was at least expanded on a tiny bit. Other than that, bravo to the creators of Orphan Black for another entertaining season. I haven’t been this addicted to a show since I got into Doctor Who and there are no signs of that stopping at this rate.



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