Post-E3 Thoughts from a Nintendo Fan

Well, E3 ended earlier this week, and fans of each company got a good taste of what games are to come. For my part, I was focused mainly on what Nintendo had to offer. I’m not remotely against playing games from Sony or Microsoft, but for me, Nintendo systems have always had a great price coupled with types of games that interest me. Despite the disappointment over Nintendo not appearing for a live conference, I felt they had one of their best showings in a while thanks to the games.

I’m one of those gamers who is pretty much always behind on the latest hardware. I didn’t get a Gamecube until well into its life cycle, and the same can also be said for the Wii and 3DS. Needless to say, I haven’t picked up a Wii U yet due to several factors, including lack of room space, the need for money, and very few games I felt I’d want. But after E3, I feel like I’d be justified in buying one if I had the means. They showed off a lot of great exclusives, and I think those coupled with the existing games I want makes it a good time to pick one up. Games from some of my favorite characters including Kirby and Yoshi (Kirby and the Rainbow Curse and Yoshi’s Wooly World) have sparked my interest as Wii U only titles. The Zelda franchise got a good Wii U showing in the form of a teaser for an open world Zelda game and Hyrule Warriors, which takes inspiration from the Dynasty Warriors franchise. This one in particular intrigues me because I remember once playing a Dynasty game with my cousin and enjoying the hectic hack ‘n slash nature of it, so having one themed after Zelda really sparks my interest.

I’m especially excited for both the 3DS and Wii U versions of Super Smash Bros. 4 which looks like it’s just gonna be a blast to play. I still hope to see more information and reveals from the game before it releases, because the character roster looks pretty varied and both versions seem to have a lot to offer. I’m very pumped for the 3DS version in particular, not just for the earlier release, but for the opportunity to play it on the go with some of my friends. I can’t wait to eventually add both versions to my existing collection, which consists of the discs of Melee and Brawl and the original Smash Bros. as a downloaded title on my Wii.

As a fan, the one small disappointment I had game-wise was the lack of 3DS titles. I’ve spent more time playing games on my 3DS than my Wii, so the small selection they presented was kinda a downer. That being said, thanks to E3, I discovered both Fantasy Life and Codename: S.T.E.A.M., one a choice-driven RPG and the other an action-strategy game. Both have interested me and both are genres I don’t normally indulge in much. Heck, I can’t even recall ever playing a strategy game in general. But it’s a genre I want to try out and I feel S.T.E.A.M. offers elements that would make it a fun experience for me. I’m definitely planning to keep my eye on both games and see how they turn out first before I make a final decision.

Overall, I felt Nintendo’s conference and presentation, while lacking that live on-stage fun, was very enjoyable. I liked that they embraced humor this year between Mega64 and Robot Chicken, even if it felt a little hit-or-miss. And I did like the use of the Treehouse team to showcase the games and allow for discussion with the developers, even for titles only appearing on the eshop. They offered a good look at what games to expect, and as is the case with every E3, I hope they live up to their potential.


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