Top 5 Adventure Time Episodes (Season 2)

Welcome back to my AT week of blogs! Today, I’m going to list some of my fave episodes from Season 2. The choices are already getting tougher to narrow down, and I even had to cut the list just for the honorable mentions alone! With that said, let’s not waste time and get to it.

5. Guardians of Sunshine


As I’ve said multiple times, I’m an avid gamer. So when this episode popped up, I knew I was gonna love it from the start. Not only do we reach the point of gaming bot BMO becoming a character, but we also have a change-up in the show’s style when Finn and Jake are transported into the game Guardians of Sunshine. I liked the 8-bit feel of it and seeing them struggle with foes that are normally easy to beat when they’re controlling the game. I also enjoyed the ending, not just for seeing these creatures in the “real” world, but also the abrupt ending signaling BMO about to get sweet revenge on the two heroes. It’s a fun little episode, and while I liked “Video Makers” for similar reasons (albeit making and editing videos instead of playing games), this one just appealed to me much more.

4. The Real You


I’ll admit, I’m not an overly huge fan of Princess Bubblegum. I do appreciate that she’s got an interest in science and isn’t always a damsel, but I never thought she was overly interesting (and later seasons haven’t helped her image for me). However, I was really surprised by “The Real You.” I always liked the idea of a character getting smarter, and Finn was the perfect choice given his tendency to go over the top with stuff. I liked the PB basically helped save the day by making him realize how far he’d gone, and the little touch with how he loses his sword (which happens throughout the series with others) was good for continuity purposes. I also caught and enjoyed the extra hints to where the Land of Ooo is and how it became what it is.

3. Go With Me


Make no mistake, you’re going to see at least one Marceline episode in each list. I just find her episodes to be interesting, and “Go With Me” was no exception. We get a little hint into her and Bubblegum’s animosity, and this episode also gives pretty good indications about why neither of these girls would be suitable for Finn. It does show us just how different they both are as well. I also liked that Finn and Jake have basically drive-in movie nights and the ending was pretty funny. Honestly, I had a lot of fun with this one, and the fact that it didn’t try to force romance made the jokes and story that much better.

2. Mortal Folly/Mortal Recoil












I’m lumping these together as they’re a two-parter and the true season finale of Season 2. These episodes give us a new reoccurring villain besides the Ice King, a creepy demonic-like creature known as the Lich. I really liked the dark, dramatic tone here, with “Mortal Folly” being a “end of the world” scenario and “Mortal Recoil” being very much like “The Exorcist.” The Lich is seemingly destroyed, only to possess Bubblegum and remain that way through most of the second half. The slightly cliffhanger ending was well done and the pretty blatantly disturbing imagery through both halves was kinda surprising for such a cheery-looking show. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite season finale, but it definitely left its mark.

1. It Came from the Nightosphere


I know, it must seem like some kind of blasphemy to put yet another Marceline episode over the Lich’s first appearance, but this one had just too much good going for it. In it, we finally learn a little of Marceline’s backstory, most notably about her not-so-good relationship with her father. He runs the Nightosphere, which is basically Hell or at least a dimension like it. This episode had great character designs for whenever Marceline and her dad would freak out, and her dad is played off as a (literal) soul-sucker who just doesn’t pay enough attention to his daughter’s needs. We also have great interaction between Finn and Marceline, capitalizing off their bond that started in “Henchman.” This was also the point for me where the jokes started becoming a bit less random and more…clever, in a sense. Even as the first episode of Season 2, it left a lasting impression on me throughout.

Honorable Mentions:  Video Makers, Storytelling, Susan Strong, Mystery Train, To Cut a Woman’s Hair, Death in Bloom, Heat Signature

So, that was Season 2. Plenty of good stuff, especially writing wise, and it was leagues better than the majority of Season 1. Feel free to agree, disagree, or give your own favorites in the comments. See you all on Friday for Season 3!


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