A Late Update

Well, it’s official. In the span of a day, I was interviewed and received a job as a cook for Dairy Queen. Yes, the fast food streak has continued to my chagrin, but I still plan to keep looking elsewhere. I’ll lose my freedom on June 5th, but until then I have some blogs planned for the week.

Having just caught up with Season 6 of “Adventure Time,” I’ve decided to dedicate next week to looking at my top 5 (or possibly more) episodes from each season. While the show had a rough start for me, I’ve grown to love plenty of things about it. My episode picks will span ones that made me laugh, ones that carried an interesting, dramatic edge, and a few with both.

I had also considered looking at my least favorite episodes, but to be honest, I’m not really in the mood to focus on negativity. I want these blogs to feel fun to me, just like the show has. Maybe I’ll even turn people onto checking it out or at least give good recommendations to those who have. Either way, I look forward to my last long week of free time and this little blog project. See you all soon!


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