My Current Obsession: Adventure Time


As the summer season is about to rear its head, a few shows I’ve been watching will come to an end for now, most notable Agents of Shield. To start filling the gaps, I’ve been looking into shows that have caught my attention or been recommended to me. Having seen my standard three episodes of “Adventure Time,” I can safely say I’ve found an…interesting show to watch in my spare time.

For those not in the know, “Adventure Time” is a surreal show aimed at kids and teens (though it seems more teen friendly to me). The show basically follows Finn the human boy and his magic dog Jake as they have, well, adventures in a strange land filled with mythical monsters, magic users and candy people. I’ve heard more coherent plotlines happen later in the show, but Season 1 is a spectacle of random humor and pretty much self-contained stories (again, only three episodes in). It’s set up in the two-part structure of “Spongebob Squarepants” with two short 11 minute episodes back to back. 

This show has already appealed to me for several reasons, and it has almost nothing to do with the absurd humor (which has gotten a few chuckles out of me so far). I like the characters they’ve established and the mix of fantasy/modern dialogue for them. I’m really interested in the setting and the different locations in the show, as well as the supporting cast within it. It allows for a lot of creativity. I also like the simplicity of the visual style and how the setting has a nice combination of gloomy and cheery visuals. But my biggest reason for enjoying it so far is the storytelling style. Yes, there isn’t an overarching plot yet, but details have been slowly (VERY slowly) revealed about the characters the more they’re shown and done so by casual dialogue rather than exposition. 

I see a lot of potential in how the characters could evolve and what sort of stories could happen. It’s a show where the creators seem to let their imaginations run wild, and you’re either going to be on board or not. It’s definitely easy to see why people both love and hate this show. While the humor isn’t always my cup of tea and hasn’t made me laugh all that much, I’m going to keep watching this show with an open mind and see where it goes. 


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