Escape from Reality

Given that I haven’t had much going on in my life lately, I thought I’d take some time to do as I do best and be honest. Things have been slow since I left my last (awful) job, what with it being the winter season still and a small, mostly jobless town to boot. I’ve been back in the grind of filling applications and passing out resumes in the hope that I can get something, ANYTHING better and less soul-crushing than fast food. So far, things have come up empty.

With each person telling me “We’re not hiring right now,” I still can’t help but wonder if taking two more years of school after my initial two would have made much difference besides less money in my pocket. Moving is expensive, cars are expensive, and both equal out as “not happening right now.” And, as I’ve said in previous posts, my town only really offers two opportunities that take full advantage of my schooling. Two places which, no matter how many times I put my name in, either refuse or can’t hire me. It’s also very frustrating to have improved cashier skills but feel afraid to put my measly recent 4-month work stint on my resume (considering how awful that boss was).

But aside from the internet and my loving fiance, the one thing that’s been keeping me sane lately has been video games. They’ve always been my main escape from reality (ha, title drop) and I’ve been soaking in everything to do with them. Be it playing actual games, watching other people play games, or reading comics about peoples’ experience with games, I’ve been more obsessed than ever. It helps get my mind off of things besides the job issue as well, such as that 2014 is shaping up to be the most costly year for me yet. This is due to necessities like passport renewal and eyeglasses. Needless to say, even though there haven’t been many new game announcements so far, I can see my purchases being few and far between this time.

Still, video games let me relax and forget my troubles from a couple hours to even a few minutes of play. I’ve already talked about my recent obsession with Pokemon and reviewed the newest Zelda title. I’ve just been on a gaming spree recently and it shows little sign of stopping while I enjoy what free time I have. Some might not consider it the most productive use of my time, but it if means a bit of solace from the pressures of life, I’ll continue to take it.


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