My Current Obsession: Pokemon Games

ImageFirst off, I have to apologize for my lack of blog last week. I’m still working on getting over a bad congested cold my mom graciously gave to me. I was going to do two blogs this week, but instead I’ve decided to do a brief, impromptu one.

Because I was sick, I wasn’t really in the mood to do much outside of play some video games and watch things online. In that process, over the last few weeks there’s been one consistent thing that’s cropped up: Pokemon. Having beat Pokemon X recently and accomplished my longtime goals of having all the starter Pokemon and all forms of cute little Eevee, I’ve moved on to check out other things. Things like ongoing Let’s Plays by a couple of Youtubers, Nuzlocke comics, and the current trend on the streaming website Twitch: Twitch Plays Pokemon. I’m not new to this fandom, though.

I didn’t start getting into Pokemon until late elementary school/junior high. It was around this time that I started reading books and getting into the anime. While I have looked back on it and found it kinda dull in retrospect, at the time it was an awesome concept to me. Catching and battling monsters seemed like fun, so when it came time for my birthday, I practically begged my mom to let me get a Gameboy Color and a copy of Pokemon Yellow. From there, my interest fell more into the gaming side of it than anything else.

In the span of time that I had that aqua blue Boy (now misplaced), I played Yellow, Crystal, Silver and Pokemon Pinball. All these games became an obsession to my kid mind, especially since I had a meager selection of games in my household back then. While today I’ve gotten better at games like White and X to make it to the credits, I wasn’t the best at Pokemon as a kid. I was the type who, while making decent teams, always inadvertently focused on leveling up my starters above the others. This mainly happened in Yellow and Crystal, to the point that I was pleased to at least get to the final member of both Elite Fours before losing. With the creation of emulation, I’ve since fixed those mistakes and played both games to completion.

I know plenty of adults besides myself who play Pokemon. Even if the games are easy enough for kids (once they get the hang of it), Pokemon is very much for adults as well. While I fell out of the anime and movies, buying the books, and even the games for a bit, my interest in the series has been rekindled. White brought me back into it with an interesting story and fun gameplay, but X truly recaptured what I love about Pokemon with a huge dose of nostalgia and simplicity. Will I buy every game from here on out? Probably not, but it’s always been one of the few RPGS I’ve enjoyed due to its simplicity and collect-them-all nature. And while I can’t say I’d feel the same way if I hadn’t grown up with it, I can definitely say I’m glad I did.



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