My Current Obsession: Neil Patrick Harris


I don’t usually regret things. At least, I try not to. But as of recently, I’m wishing I had put Mr. NPH on my previous “Hottest Guys” list. Why? Well, it was an exclusion that didn’t cross my mind but really should have. So, to sum up what I might’ve said quickly: Neil Patrick Harris is not only cute (and very much unavailable), but he’s also uberly talented and charming. Singing, dancing, acting, magic – he’s like a one man show of awesome.

Now, onto why I’m currently obsessed with him and his works (yes, it’s not ALL about him). Having recently rekindled my love for “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog,” I found myself starting to look first into other web things NPH was involved in, namely a series on The Nerdist called “Neil’s Puppet Dreams.” It’s a weird, perverse, offbeat little series that drew me in with a concept involving dreams and tons of fun with Neil and often his partner, David Burtka.

From there, I started looking into TV appearances (no, not “How I Met Your Mother”). Things like talk show appearances I missed, award shows I’ve missed (really should start watching the Tonys), and even bits in movies I’d either seen before or was never interested in. I realized through all of this that I’d underestimated Neil. I had initially thought of Nathan Fillion that way once, though my exposure to Buffy, Firefly, Castle, and the aforementioned Dr. Horrible musical kinda pulled him into my personal limelight. It’s weird that I basically thought of Neil in that respect, because I thoroughly loved his appearance as Dr. Horrible. I guess I just considered him as being on “How I Met Your Mother” and left it at that.

Though he’ll doubtfully see this, I can safely say that I’m glad I exposed myself to more of his work. Through all the interviews and self-deprecation I’ve seen, I’ve grown to easily love and respect the man and everything he’s accomplished. I like that singing and dancing seems to come so naturally to him. I like that he’s a legit magician and just how comfortable he is doing it. I like that he’s proud to be out and that he’s gained more success than ever before. Heck, I just like everything about the guy.

I honestly feel bad for not paying him much mind up till now. I feel like I’ve missed out on a ton of entertainment because of it. Thankfully, I now feel I’ve made amends toward that. He joins my (pretty specific) list of people I’d gladly meet if given the chance. And even if the meeting were brief, the opportunity to see him (and maybe get a pic) would be all I need.


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