Fun in Florida

Hello everyone! With how busy I was with my Twilight Zone Marathon, I forgot to mention that by the end I would be visiting my boyfriend in Miami for about a month. I’ve got over two weeks to go yet, but I thought I’d make an update blog in case I either choose not to blog or forgot to before I head home on the 26th. Things have been good and I’m happy to have a break after blogging for a month straight. I plan to get back into blogging at least once a week before the end of the month. As well, I thought I’d share some big news with the blog and a little insight into at least one post I plan on making.

First, the big news. As of November 1st, I’m now engaged to my wonderful boyfriend, Richard. To be fair, he’d told me during his visit last summer to expect a ring before the end of the year, but the proposal was still a nice surprise and very sweet and nerdy. Because we’d once made a video series together, he decided to do a video speech that we watched with two of our best friends. Of course, rather than informally propose on-screen, he got down on one knee in front of me, presented me with a TARDIS-themed ring box and a beautiful 14-diamond ring, and popped the big question. I obviously said yes and here we are. Unlike most people, plans for a wedding have to wait because he has both school and job searching to attend to, but we’re both very happy and grateful for all the kind words we’ve gotten from family and friends.

Speaking of Doctor Who things, that leads me to the blog I’m planning to do next week (or perhaps a short series, I’m not sure yet). Since Nov. 23rd is the big 50th anniversary of the show and the release of the special “Day of the Doctor,” I’ve decided to do at least one blog talking about my experience with it so far and the eventual departing of the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith. I may talk about the special late next week or once I’m home as I’ll be seeing it with Richard and my friends the day it releases. We’re all super excited for it and I hope it lives up to our expectations. Once the Christmas special hits in roughly a month, I also plan to blog about it. I keep saying this month (and really the end of this year) is all about Doctor Who, and having an engagement during the month of its 50th makes it all the more special to me.

Aside from those things, I’ve been having fun here in Florida soaking up the warm weather while I can and spending quality time with my boyfr–well, fiance. While I’ll be sad to go home as usual, it’ll be fun planning the next couple visits. See you all back here next week for some sci-fi fun!


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