Twilight Zone Marathon: “Stopover In A Quiet Town”

ImageWelcome to my Twilight Zone Marathon! Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to visit a town you’re unfamiliar with, whether on accident or purpose? Many would take comfort in the familiar because you never know what you might end up dealing with. Today’s episode gives us that in the form of a strange, quiet town. That’s right, this is “Stopover In A Quiet Town.”

Bob and Millie Frazer wake up hungover one morning to discover they’re in a stranger’s house in a town they’ve never seen before. While looking around, they discover no one seems to be in it and it’s far too quiet. On top of that, every object seems to be fake. Where could they be, and will they be able to leave?

This is another episode where I knew the twist, though I think anyone could figure it out even if they didn’t know it. Still, I enjoyed this episode after seeing it all the way through. The town kinda reminded me of that fake town in “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull” and had a similar eerie vibe. The whole episode takes place with the couple trying to find a way out of the town in various believable ways: First by trying to find other people, then by finding a car, then a train and finally trying to run out of town.

Bob and Millie were good characters, made better that they were a loving, believable couple. Individually, Millie was slightly shrill at times and Bob was kinda a grump, but they both acted accordingly to the situation and each other. They even try to figure out their situation with a few logical guesses. While we don’t learn much about them beyond the previous night’s party, I liked them and rooted for their escape.

The town was very picturesque, and, like I said earlier, carried a sense of eeriness to it. This falls perfectly in line with the twist ending, which was more clever in context. This is a story that could’ve been taken many different ways, and I feel the one they chose was creative and well done.

My only gripe for this one is a certain sound that the couple hears throughout the episode. I won’t spoil it as it plays into the twist, and it’s thankfully not overly abused, but it irritated me. I almost wished they’d been in complete silence, but that’s a minor nitpick at best.

Overall, it’s easy to see why people like “Stopover In A Quiet Town.” The characters are likable, the town is interesting and the plot is pretty creative. I think this is an episode I could recommend to anyone for its sheer simplicity.


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