Twilight Zone Marathon: “Mirror Image”


Welcome back to my Twilight Zone Marathon! Have you ever wondered if there’s someone out there who resembles you, almost like a doppelganger? Today’s episode explores that concept in the form of the woman you see above, as well as a bit of deja vu. This is “Mirror Image.”

Level-headed Millicent Barnes (winner of strangest name yet) is waiting impatiently at the bus station for her late bus. While waiting, she gets accused by the clerk of constantly asking about the bus and later spots a woman who looks a lot like her. She eventually starts to suspect the woman is trying to butt in and take over her life. Is this really the case or is she just overreacting?

This is another quiet episode much like “The Hitch-Hiker,” although I feel I still liked that one more. I immediately liked the concept of doppelgangers going into this one, and it’s explained that they may exist on another plane of existence. When that plane converges with ours, they try to take over the original person’s life. It was a creative spin on doppelgangers and in essence deja vu.

The main characters here are Millicent and later a man named Paul. Paul comes in almost halfway through the story to hear out Millicent’s ramblings on seeing her doppelganger and tries to help her. He was a decent character, not overly likable but not unlikable either. He mostly plays concerned, and I liked his role in the twist ending to really bring things home.

Millicent is described as a level-headed woman who never has had issues with her mind before. I liked that she was smart and tried to figure out what she’d seen and how another version of her could exist. Her ramblings cross a fine line between rationalizing and madness so that you start to wonder if maybe she is crazy or at least will be now. I won’t spoil what happens with her, but it was almost sad to me.

The episode has a bit of a slow pace, but it works. I kinda preferred the use of thoughts in “Hitch-Hiker” to the excessive amount of talking here, but I was never once confused about what was going on. I feel like I should’ve seen the twist coming, but that’s mostly because it’s one of the more logical ones. It flows with the rest of the story and ties into the narrative as you would expect. Like many episodes, the ending gives off an ambiguous feeling, leaving you to wonder what will become of the characters.

Overall, “Mirror Image” was a nice, quiet episode. There weren’t really any surprises for me nor really high notes, but I’m still glad I gave it a watch. While I kinda wish more had been done with the use of doppelgangers, the subtlety of their use was appreciated. If you’re interested in the concept of doppelgangers or like the quieter Twilight Zone episodes, give this one a try.


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