Twilight Zone Marathon: “A Nice Place to Visit”

ImageWelcome back to my Twilight Zone Marathon! People often wonder what the afterlife would be like. Would it resemble something meaningful only to them, or would it be the typical cloudy paradise often portrayed in media. Tonight’s episode visits the possibility of a personal afterlife. This is “A Nice Place to Visit.”

Henry “Rocky” Valentine is a thief who gets killed by police after a botched burglary. A jolly man named Pip comes to him to guide him into his personal afterlife. Rocky has the time of his life, conjuring up money and women just by mentioning them. Will he relish his newfound “life”, or could it be more than he bargained for?

This episode was kinda like “A Kind of Stopwatch,” in that it was light on plot. Once Rocky goes into the afterlife, the episode is spent showing his excitement at having the life he’d always wanted. I felt that the episode was just average throughout, although the twist ending helped elevate it a little. I did like the idea that one could get bored of their perfect afterlife after a while, because part of the fun of living is earning such things.

As far as acting, I thought both main characters did a good job. Pip was very friendly and acted much like a butler. He also had this sense of innocence that would come from not being from Earth. His appearance is not the typical “handsome” angel, which I thought made a nice change. Other than that, there’s not much else to his character.

Rocky left me feeling mixed. While the acting was fine, his character is both sympathetic and unsympathetic. He’s unsympathetic in that we learn about various horrible things he did in life, which makes this afterlife paradise seem like he isn’t worth it. On the other hand, he’s sympathetic in that he never had a break in life, so the paradise is a reprieve for him. Still, he reacted like anyone, much less a criminal, would considering the circumstances.

Like I said, the twist is what elevated the episode for me, though it unfortunately doesn’t come until the last couple minutes. It’s also one I feel people could guess, and while I didn’t know much about the episode aside from its premise, I could pretty much see it coming. I still enjoyed it even if the episode has little plot to back it up. The episode overall kept my attention, and probably more importantly made me think about my own interpretations of the afterlife and the various possibilities.

Overall, “A Nice Place to Visit” was an okay episode, not overly spectacular but not bad either. The basic premise of the afterlife kept me hooked and the acting was good from both men. If you have interest in plots dealing with life after death, I’d give this one a watch. Just don’t come into it expecting a grand moral or message concerning the subject.


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